Sabado Gigante!

With SO much going on in this post, I just HAD to have a name to reflect it all!

Even though I still haven’t been able to beat Zuma Deluxe, or “Green Grass and High Tides” in Rock Band, this has been a pretty good week for myself both in terms of this blog and for other sites I have going on.

So for today I present you with Saturday Speedlinkin, the last word in the first contest, and the results of the super secret second contest I had a day or so ago!

Saturday Speedlinkin XII
18 Amazing Yet Simple Photo Effects to Make Yourself Look Different by Rajat – I’ve really been getting back into more design and image manipulation lately, so this is right up my alley.

Garry Conn Shifts Gears by Brown Baron – I knew about Garry’s other blog, Blog the Internet before this post, and it looks like he’s changed the look of it a lot since I was there last… I’m definitely interested in seeing how he does with it.

Six Defining Moments of a Problogger by Darren Rowse – I always love getting into the heads of the successful, and this post lets us all do just that. And I think it’s cool that the six things Darren has on there I DEF would not put on my personal list. Well, accept for maybe starting THIS blog. (#):)

And of course, you’ve all been stumbled!

Secret Contest Winners!
So as many of you know, I posted details on how to enter my secret contest a little while ago. The post went up very late in the day and was limited greatly by time but despite this, I still had some people find it and enter it. And the winners are…


So congrats ES, Mary, Apexad, and Teeni! I’ll be sending you kids an e-mail back for your address so I can send you your *drumroll* And before I forget, not only do I have to thank you for playing, but thanks for the thoughtful e-mails. Learning more about you guys makes this whole thing more fun for everyone!

SanDisk Sansa m240 1 GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner!

Contest 1 of 3 Wrap Up
And for the rest of you (and ES, Mary, Teeni and Apexad who are still eligible), remember that the first contest is wrapping up today, so make sure you get that last word from my feed and e-mail me the secret phrase before 1pm EST Sunday Feb 17th.

Good luck everybody! (P.S. I forgot to change the secret word when I originally posted this, so if you don’t see it, make sure you refresh the feed or something).

Saturday Speedlinkin XI

Another week has come to an end and what a week it has been!

Last night I watched Rambo at a great theater and had a great time and today Little Mac had his first competitive event – A diaper crawl hosted by a country station. (My in-laws entered him and forced me to come).

Needless to say, that was a bit of a disaster and a monstrous waste of time but at least I got a “decent” photo out of it. So anyway, here are your best posts of the week imho, you’ve all been stumbled!

Domain Investing Series by Kyle – Kyle does a kicka$$ job with this series. Very detailed and enough information to get you interested AND started. Very very well done my man!

Happy Opposite Day You’re a Jerk by Aaron – For some reason, opposite day over at Aaron’s site always makes me laugh. Maybe I’m really 5 years old. Who knows. (#):)

13 Fashion Color Trends of 2008 to Make Blog Designs Rock! by Rajat – I’m always one to try and improve my design tastes and often that starts with color. If you’re thinking of redoing your site, trying drawing some inspiration from this post. Very cool.

Fill Your Ad Spots TODAY Part 2 Contact by Bush – By who? Yeah that’s right. I’m tooting my own horn here. I’m really proud of this post and I think it’s given me the inspiration for a really good series. I did a bit of guest posting for Casey this week but BEING ME I missed two days! So I hope she’s ok with a quality post to make up for things. (#):D

Internet Party by Ram – Great find. Great video.

Saturday Speedlinkin X

Boy I feel good after this week!

I feel like I’ve really been doing a great job in working on the little things on my site and hopefully after a little more work, it’ll be all done (for a while) and I can go back to just focusing on content and worrying about my other online endeavors.

(Besides, I know you’re all getting tired of reading about this site every other post (#);) )

So anyway, here’s some of your killer content!

And congrats! You’ve all been stumbled!

HD DVD on Life Support by Pete Cullen – Not only did Pete write a killer Superbad review, but he also is delivering the news of HD DVD receiving a crippling blow by Warner Bros as they decide to go Blu Ray exclusively. For those of us who are waiting on pins and needles for this freakin thing to end, it’s great great news.

ExploerXP: A Better File Manager for Windows XP by Brown Baron – None of us could live without tabs in our internet browsers, now someone has taken the next step and put it into a Windows explorer.

Angela’s Unattainable New Years Resolutions by Angela – No resolution is really unattainable, so make sure you drop an encouraging word by the Boston Brat‘s way.

18 Blogging One Liner Disappointments of 2007 by Casey – This list just made me smile. (#):)

Grace is Back! After a very long break from blogging Grace is back and with a chic looking new theme. Make sure to give her a nice hello when you see her!

The Obligatory Round Up Post by Mike – I love getting into the heads of other developers and here Mike lets us into his blog’s with this great round up post for 2007.

Saturday Speedlinkin IX

Well I feel better after this week blogging than I have in quite sometime.

If you’ve been keeping up this week, I’ve called myself out and am finally getting my butt in gear in regards to all the online projects I’ve had stewing over the past, oh… FOREVER.

I’m really hoping that as this “series” of sorts continues, it’ll serve as an example to everyone on how to get your projects from Point A to Point B. If you missed the posts, don’t forget to check them out … State of the Union Part I and II.

I managed to actually get around to my fellow bloggers’ sites this week and of course you guys didn’t disappoint! Well done, and you’ve all been stumbled!

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune by Pete – You know I love the video games, and since I don’t have a PS3, I gotta rely on Pete to keep me up to date on the latest and greatest games that come out for the system. (Yes, all three of them). (#);D

Yahoo Messenger for Vista Preview Release by Brown Baron – Even though I’m a user of AIM most of the time, I’m certainly not married to it. Check out this good look at the new Messenger by Brown… You know I just dig those colors!

The Verdict Is In by Black Belt Mama – BBM has been going back and forth with thoughts of therapy and surgery, but now it finally seems as if she has resigned to have the procedure on her ACL. So if you’re an athlete or know one, make sure you stop by and give her some support. (#):)

I Hate Being Called a Liar by Everton – Even though some would ask why Everton felt the need to defend himself against pretty outrageous claims that the earnings he discloses aren’t factual, I see the whole thing as Everton getting attacked over something he has tremendous pride in. Rock On.

Don’t Let Finances Pin You to a Miserable Job by Chuck – A very well written post whose title basically says it all. Make sure you read the comments too as a lot of people had some very interesting things to say.

Saturday Speedlinkin VIII

Boy oh boy am I having “fun” moving all my websites to the new server. Ha ha. Anyone who has done this knows how “fun” it is.

On one hand it’s awesome to see things moving so fast, on another, it sucks to have to wait for those freakin’ domain names to propagate.

Oh well. “These are the breaks..” But I’m sure in the end things will be well worth it.

BTW, it seems that this week I’m posting a link or two more than usual, but that’s just because there were a ton of good posts this week that I just didn’t have the time to get to with all the server craziness on my side. My apologies to all my blogging buddies!

Psych Consult: Day 1 at Physical Therapy by BBM – If you remember, Black Belt Mama is really having a time with her ACL injury. In this post, she talks about her first day at PT and the first step back on the road to recovery. When my wife (a long distance runner) hurt her hip and was stopped from training, it all but killed her so I know how trying this time is for BBM. Make sure you stop by and show some support!

Positive People And a Amazon Affiliate First by Opal T – I always smile when I hear about my friends enjoying success. If you find yourself needed a bit of encouragement in your business endeavors, make sure to read this post!

Mike and Tish are Famous by USA Today! – Can you believe these two managed to get into an article on USA Today? Congrats you wild and crazy kids!

10 Great Wallpapers for Linux Geeks by Ram – If your desktop is in need of an overhaul, first step is often the wallpaper and Ram did a great job in finding some gems over at tuxbrothers.

Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Review by Madhur – If you’re excited about CoD4, you should definietely check out this post. I’m just sad that I couldn’t find a demo on the 360. (#):(

Is Your WordPress Blog Not Notifying You of Comments? by Mark – The title scares me enough! And after reading the article, I just updated WordPress on a couple of my sites, so this behavior will be something I’ll be keeping an eye open for. Thanks Mark!

Why Google Refunded My PageRank Slap by Court – Like Mr. Tuttle, Lots of us bloggers got hit with a PageRank penalty and are still struggling to come to terms with it. Courtney shows us that you may be able to get your lost PR back like he did!

BlogWorld Day 2 – Photos & Recap by Zac – I’m always a sucker for a convention and it kills me that I haven’t been able to make it out to any blog ones thus far in my illustrious career. So if you couldn’t go, check out Zac’s post and covet like me. (#):)

Saturday Speedlinkin VII

Continuing in my long tradition of posting my Saturday Speedlinkin links on Sunday, here is the edition number VII!

This past week has been a mixed bag on the blogging front… On one hand, my first week back to blogging “FT” has gone well in respect to getting blogging posts up, but on the other hand I fell a bit short with video game posts I had planned. (#):(

But hey – That just means I know what I gotta do this week!

One of My New Projects
So before we get to the real heart of this post, I hope you’ll indulge me in some shameless self-promotion… I’ve recently teamed up with one of my friends to create a new site we’re calling Noob Alert that delivers video game news to the masses.

While we’re still discovering what the site will ultimately become, we’ve definitely been working hard on it and feel it’s ready to introduce to the world, so if video game news is something that interests you, we hope you’ll find the time to stop over, say hello and of course grab our feed!

And Without Further Ado…

Top 25 Ultimate Gamer Vacations by Jessica Hupp – A really cool list of travel destinations for all us gamer geeks including destinations, tournaments and all kinds of crazy conventions. Big thanks to Amy Quinn for give me heads up about this!

Multiple Ways to Increase Your AdSense Earnings (Part 1) by Aaron Cook – It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a comprehensive AdSense post so if you’re new to the industry, or just want to ramp up your game, it’s a good read for sure.

BBM Brings You “Pimp My Crutches” by Black Belt Mama – If you hadn’t heard, my girl BBM is having a rough go of things lately. For the last long while, she has been training for her Black Belt test but very recently suffered a heart breaking setback when she tore her ACL. Now she’s trying to get back on the good foot so if you would be so kind, drop by her site and give her a big ol’ hug!

My First Pumpkin by Forest Parks – All I can say is, I can’t believe this is the first pumpkin that Forest has ever carved.

Has Money Killed Blog Design by Blogsolid – This is a blog that I stop by every once and a while, and it just about always gives me something to think about. This time Blogsolid asks whether the ever popular right ad space (and premium ad placement in general) is killing blog design.

Saturday Speedlinkin VI

Only on my site could you find such an erroneous thing as a “Saturday Post” being written and posted well into Sunday. Sorry about that!

My uncle got married over the weekend, and you guys know what that meant… Rehearsal dinner on Friday, wedding on Saturday (oh and baby stuff)… It was just a busy weekend.

And of course there was Pac-Man: Championship Edition

I think on the whole, this week’s links are pretty interesting in that if you look at blogging from the business perspective, you see much like “normal” businesses, blogs take a whole lot of time, a whole of work – And often they don’t continue forever.

While some blogs seem to be at an end (at least for now) others are having their own personal successes and going forward. No matter which side you fall into this week, I wish you the best of success and luck in ALL of your future endeavors.

Listikal Status by Listikal – Tim was one of the first friends I made through my blog and like others, I was getting quite worried since he hadn’t made a post in a very very long time. Even though he’ll now be posting over at Connected Internet, it still sucks that will be no more.

I Sold by Shaun Low – I think for a lot of us, this news came as a great shock. But if you read Shaun’s post, he cites lots of good reasons. Nevertheless, his site will be greatly missed.

Casey Sold her AdSpots! by Casey – I always love to hear when my fellow bloggers are doing well and it didn’t take long for Casey to sell our her adspots! Goes to show you how easy it can be to make a little more money on your site!

Custom Blogging Awards by Mike – If you didn’t know, Mike has created some wonderful graphics in the past for awards, and now he’s offering his services to the masses. I really hope people are smart enough to take advantage of this offer. *nod*

Curiosity Lead Me to Monetizing My Websites by Opal T – One of the best things about Opal is not only will she give you some killer advice about business and site practices, but she’ll also share with you her thinking behind it.

Saturday Speedlinkin V

As another Saturday is upon us, it’s time for another dose of Saturday Speedlinkin!

This week things went well on the site as I tried what (I think) will become my trademark style of postings…Blog tips in the morning, and video game jazz in the evenings.

I think I’ll eventually move my video game efforts to another blog, but if I were to try and do that now I’d be spreading myself incredibly thin.

The Thing About Comments by Apex – Earlier in the week I was compelled to write a post for my buddy Apex in order to help him figure out what was going on with his blog. The short of it is, his blog has been around forever getting decent hits on Google, but unfortunately getting NO comments. Thankfully, a lot of fantastic people stepped up to bat giving him some wonderful advice that will undoubtedly help him overcome this small hurdle. (#):)

A Post for Andrew by Tish – Frequenting Tish’s websites, this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen her picture. But I DO BELIEVE this is the first time I’ve seen her with a big ol’ grin and she couldn’t look better! You certainly should post more pics like this budddddddd-y!

Tracking RSS Subscribers in Analytics by Rhys – Do I really need to say anything? I’ve honestly not put this into action yet, but if it’s coming from Rhys I have no doubt it’ll work. And personally for me, the more stuff I can get into Analytics the better.

Gaining Page Views and Returning Visitors Using Post Series by Sarah – When I wrote my Start Blogging Series a while ago it just about killed me. No lie. But, it remains one of my bigger hit posts to date. Here’s why you also should jump into the “Series” mix.

Saturday Speedlinkin IV

Unlike last week’s Speedlinkin, it looks like I’m actually getting to this one on Saturday. Translation – Victory!

Aside from that, I feel like I’ve under achieved a bit this week on my blog. I really wanted to start September off differently but it seems I’ve just been all over the place lately and of course it didn’t help that I barely got a net connection when I was up in Philly.

But enough complaining!

IFA 2007 Coverage by Mr. Pete Cullen – Now don’t ask me what “IFA” stands for ’cause I don’t know. Even after going to what I presume to be their website, I still can’t figure it out. But no matter…Pete attended this huge consumer electronics show and did some ace reporting in a couple posts detailing the event so make sure you run over and check them out. (I have to catch up on a few of’em myself).

DaFont: 7,500 Cool Free Fonts by Brown Baron – I had found this site by accident a while ago but it took a post by Brown to bring it back to the forefront of my head! So if you ever need a special font to get whatever project you’re working on done, you might want to head over to Brown’s site and check out what he has to say about DaFont.

6 Character Traits of Internet Super Tycoons by Courtney Tuttle – With all the amazing posts Court has has been writing lately, you may be surprised that I picked this one to spotlight. But the fact of the matter is, in the game of business your mindset has more to do with your success than just about everything else but sometimes on “make money online” blogs that fact is omitted. Well done Courtney and keep the good posts coming!

Saturday Speedlinkin III

Ok. So it’s not Saturday! But you can blame Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for that one. That game is still just so amazing. Making it worse is that the 200.6% or whatever is an achievement for the 360. (If you don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about just ignore the preceding).

So anyhoo, sorry that I’m a day late on the new speedlink post but I promise I’m gonna gonna get back on track here to start September right!

Top 5 Keyword Suggestion Tools by Shaun Low – As you probably know, attracting search engine visitors is becoming more and more of a focus on this site. And whether you’re just trying to tweak a post you’re writing, or you’re trying to find the right keyword for your blog, getting the right keywords is crucial.

10 Ways to Hurt Your Blogs Brand by Commenting on other Blogs by Darren Rowse – The first way most young blogs go to get the word out about themselves is by commenting on other blogs. What most young bloggers overlook is that dropping a small meaningless comment may do more damage than good.

Do You Recognize This Person by Mike – Even though you would never know it from this site, I love checking out illustrations and the like. So you know I GOTTA highlight this post from Mike where he uses Illustrator to do a wonderful piece. Tish liked it too!