What's Up With That? – SNL

I don’t know what to tell you guys.

I thought I was going to come in today, update you on the OTA digital signal crisis that was destroying my household but in the process, some new affliction has gripped my mind. An affliction called “What’s Up With That?”.

There are many out there who say that Saturday Night Live isn’t funny anymore. Well, as someone who spent most of his yesterday catching up on the current season of SNL, I’ll tell you that for every funny skit you find, you probably find another that isn’t, and it hasn’t been helped by the bad hosts they’ve had on recently.

But as the saying goes, “Even a blind squirrel can find a nut” and so I present to you comedy gold

What’s Up With That?

And if you want the current hotness…

With Al Gore and that “Freaky Chick” from the Office

Black Friday 2009 Sucks

If you know me, you know that the holidays are my favourite time of the year. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas (which are great excuses to eat lots of fat food) and then there’s of course – Black Friday!

Year after year I look forward to Black Friday. I think it’s probably because for one, I like to buy things. And secondly, the prices are usually so great that it provides a great excuse to buy things! But this year, I can say for sure that I could really care less about Black Friday. If you go to Bfads.net (which is where I go to typically stay up on the latest Black Friday deals), I think you’ll see a general consensus that for whatever reason, there are very very few good deals to be had. I don’t know if it’s because of the economy, I don’t know if it’s because there’s no more Circuit City, but the ads are just not attractive.

And what may be worst of all – It seems the only decent Black Friday has been put out by… Walmart. Are you kidding me?! I HATE shopping there in general! And now knowing that everyone and their mother will be there and after the mad trampling last year!? Child please. But you know, even after Best Buy and the rest disappointed me, I still had hope for Micro Center. After all, Micro Center and what used to be CompUSA always AT LEAST have great deals on hard drives. And as I scanned through the Micro Center Black Friday ad, I found that one deal – And pretty much nothing else.

Maybe what’s going on is that I don’t “need” anything this year… Though I have to believe that never stopped me in the past. I’d always find a reason to start building a new computer, replace some home theater speakers, buy some new video games, get a new [fill in the blank]…

But this year, nothing. Black Friday 2009 sucks.

How about you guys? Is there ANYTHING you’re really excited over this year?

June 22nd Update

I thought that I’d get up at 5am this morning so that I could finally get a new post on here. I’ve been really busy lately with a lot of different things and unfortunately that has meant that my blog has suffered. Unlike in the past however, I’m kinda ok with it ’cause I feel that I’m doing what I “should be doing” in order to escape the rat race.

Web Design – As many of you know, I’ve really been trying to push my web design efforts. And though the website doesn’t show it at the moment, I’ve actually been getting work in and turning out some decent stuff. I think at the moment I’m working with about 4 clients and hopefully when I close them out I’ll be able to stop for a second and redesign that website for future business.

Final Fantasy XII – If I get a free second these days, it looks like I’m using it to play Final Fantasy XII. Last check I think I was about 60 or 70 hours in and even on this second go around, it’s just so fun! And trust me, even though it’s on a previous gen console – It holds up.

My New DSLR – I don’t know that I made a big fuss about it, but I recently bought my first DSLR and I’ve been going to town with it. Mostly taking pictures of the kids but also of other stuff too. With any luck I’ll get on here at some point and tell you a little bit about it and post some pictures too.

AdSense/SEO/Affiliate Sites – One of the other things that I’ve gotten into lately is making MFA sites. To be honest, “Made For AdSense” sites leave a bad taste in my mouth because I feel there’s a connotation on them that the sites are void of quality. I’m trying to change that and in the meantime brush up on my SEO skills.

Blu-Ray – I’ve also been enjoying some Blu-Ray movies as of late. Don’t expect any reviews on here, but you may see a comment from time to time.

And that’s it for now. I’m desperately hoping I find the time later to do a proper post but I’m not holding my breath!

Here, There and Everywhere!

Lately, I’ve really felt like that. I’ve had so many things going on but surprisingly, I’ve actually been doing a good job with taking care of them. Well… Except for blogging. But then again, what else is new. (#):)

Venture Numero Uno
So I know you’re wondering what I’ve been up to and I wish I could say. But the funny thing is… When you’re trying to make it in different ventures and trying to convince others to give you large sums of money… Well, you have to watch what you say and where you say it so that you don’t damage the brand you’re trying to create. Make sense? I guess I learned this sentiment when I was actively practicing Real Estate and maybe I can present it another way just to drive the point home… While I know what I’m doing (I get paid very well at my 9-5 to do it), have been doing it for years, (about 15 years), and speak very well… Many potential suitors will forget those things when they see that I’m relatively young, don’t have an office, and haven’t been “in business” for that long. You know what I mean? It’s always the chicken and the egg thing… You can’t get business unless you’ve already done business.

But don’t think that I’m complaining about my situation. These last two weeks have been really hard but I’m out there doing the justice, creating some great work, and at the very least putting together a solid foundation for tomorrow and future clients. And at the risk of counting my eggs before they’re hatched, I think I’m probably going to get at least one sale out of everything. So BANGARANG.

Venture Numero Dos
So I have another venture I’m working on too that I’m keeping the wraps on. That’s one that I’m REALLY excited about and have started some preliminary work on as well. I won’t say much at this point just that it deals with affiliate marketing, is a great idea (if I say so myself), and I owe the idea to my favourite radio show. I know this post isn’t really entertaining since I’m heavily censoring myself, but at least with this one you’ll hear more sooner rather than later. Maybe in time this blog will turn out to be like Bob Parson’s of GoDaddy where I can finally take ownership of all this stuff and not have to be so clandestine about everything.

Something I CAN Talk About
One of the things that I started working on again was Learn Stuff Online! It’s my project that will never die!!! Honestly, it could’ve very well gone away but then I was looking at my earnings for Bush Mackel off of AdSense and I’m nearing like $10 a month on passive income! I know that’s not much for a LOT of people out there, but for me that’s really cool. ESPECIALLY since I don’t do much on this site to target specific targets or keywords. So after I saw that, I thought that I should really work on Home Theater How To @ LSO and maybe it would start paying off by the end of the year. Now not surprisingly, I’ve been slacking on THAT like I have on this blog but maybe now that things are returning to normal as far as my busyness is concerned I can really get on there and get my posting frequency back up!

My Super Slow Computer
My desktop at home is slower than molasses. The fact that I blew out the BIOS a while back while overclocking my rig doesn’t help the problem either. In a nutshell, my one SATA drive that has all my stuff needs to be re-formatted. Even with ad-aware, anti-virus and defrags, sometimes you just need to do it. Well, it seems like I couldn’t reformat it so instead I took it out and tried to start fresh with a good ol’ ATA drive. That worked like a charm and now I can actually run “msconfig” and install SP3 (which I couldn’t do before). Now I’m in the process of getting everything I need from the old drive to the new one. And then maybe I can work on the SATA drive again but currently I can’t select boot order so if I have both drives in, the SATA drive also gets priority blah blah blah

And Now the Miscellaneous
Well I took sometime this afternoon (or yesterday afternoon by the time you read this) to make some small changes to this site. I tell ya, small changes can do wonders as I really couldn’t STAND looking at this site for more than a minute. Still has a ways to go, but at least I can stomach it. What do you think? Can anyone notice the differences?

And last LAST night the wife helped me reverse the way my desk is built and in my house, it really lends itself well to its space now… Boring I know, but it’s one of those changes that you can just “breathe out” about. Everything feels just so much better now… Like I can breathe. Plus, I threw out a lot of stuff that was clogging up my desk so working on it now just feels great.

And aside from all that, I’m also doing decently well with Physical Therapy and Allergy Shots. Yeah, you didn’t even know I was doing that stuff right? Well normally I don’t have an opportunity to do it with my 45 minute commute to work and all, but it got to a place with my feet/knees and allergies that I had to make a change and start focusing on ME again. Admittedly, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to keep it up with my 9 to 5 but here’s hoping it’s a while longer.

Finally, I don’t remember the last time I turned on my 360 was. My bulb just went in my projector, and I pretty much refuse to play games anywhere but my basement. AND I just re-did my home theater cabinet too!! ARGH! You know what the last straw was? My wife brought her family over and put on Twilight. That movie has clearly ruined my life. Ok, well I’ve written enough here to cover 5 posts from me so hope you enjoyed it and thanks for all the follows on Twitter! Any bets as to whether its up or not right now?

Short Post for Super Bowl Sunday

I’ll make this one really quick.

I was not rooting for the Steelers in the Super Bowl today… I always tend to root for the underdog if the Skins aren’t in it, and the Cards def fit the bill today.

They got off to a slow start but picked things up before halftime (minus interception) and played a FANTASTIC second half with Warner’s numbers dwarfing Big Egg Head Rothlesbugger.

Heck, even Darnell Dockett of the Cards graduated my high school…

AND proudly displays my city as his hometown. But that’s not why I’m here.

Are you ready for it?



My Driver, Kurt Warner

Election Day 2008

Once again it looks like I’ve gotten really busy with stuff not on this blog, but I wanted to make sure I popped in and at least MENTIONED that today is election day.

I try not to get TOO political on here and some would say that I’m not really even that opinionated on here and I’m not sure that that’s going to change with this post.

I do know that a lot of people in the blogosphere vote, and a lot of people don’t vote. Some people believe that the act of voting is the ultimate display of the democratic process and others firmly believe that your vote doesn’t count.

For me, most of it boils down to I don’t believe you have a right to complain if you’re not willing to do something about it. Can you change things with a vote? I think you can. And whether you’re for voting or not, this is arguably the biggest election in the history of the USA. I have reasons to vote besides that fact, but regardless, that IS still a pretty cool situation right?

So no matter who you vote for, I hope you do. And for the few of you that might see this post from another country, do you have any feelings on the candidates? Does the rest of the world care who gets elected?

How YOU Doing?

It’s Friday, and it looks like I’m leaving work early today to pick up some custom orthodics to hopefully and FINALLY get me back on the road to recovery. A Friday can’t get much better in my book.

In other news, Ninja Gaiden is still taking up most of my time at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. The story is abysmal but the graphics and gameplay more than make up for it.

And that’s all I got.

What’s up with you? (#):)

The Hot Fire Quick Update

Hopefully I said it before (though I doubt that I did) that right about now I would be mad busy. It turns out, I am in fact MAD BUSY. As such I just wanted to throw out the quickest and fastest update I could and hopefully soon I’ll get a chance to expand on everything.

Are you ready?

*deep breath*

  • I packed up and moved to the new house in the span of 2 days.
  • The wife who is super pregnant look like she’ll be getting induced for our 2nd kid on the 17th of this month.
  • We are trying to get everything out of the moving boxes before new kid comes. We’ve been to Ikea a million times, and Home Depot a million and two times.
  • Drove up to PA recently to buy a projector for new home theater.
  • Bought another projector on Home Depot
  • Building a home theater enclosure in basement requiring newly found drywalling and wood working skills.
  • Bought a new Pioneer Elite receiver at a fantastic price
  • I’m building new furniture everyday.
  • Upping my home theater game trying to figure out how to do a DIY projector home theater in a (probably) too small space.
  • New house adds probably an hour to my already long commute.
  • Redskins look exactly how I thought they would look. (Not horny for Zorny).
  • Bought a camera from woot.
  • Need to sell the camera on eBay
  • Did as 12 of 12 in Oct… Still trying to find time to post it.
  • avsforum.com and monoprice.com are great sites.

That’s it for now. Hope all of you kids are well.

Gaming News from E3

Even though this year marked the first “tame” E3, it still was highly anticipated as eager fanboys and industry insiders clamored to find out what their favourite companies had in store for them in the next year.

Now with all the major press conferences over, the dust is starting to settle and we’re all left trying to figure out if Sony can really bridge the gap between the PS3 and 360.


For the Millionth Time…
I love video games and I’m a bit of a collector. I want to get a PS3. But outside of being a great Blu-Ray player, there are no games that are currently out (except MGS4) that make me want to buy the system. Plus, all reports have said that XBL is still way ahead of the PSN so that’s not an attractive feature either. So going into E3 time this year, I was really hoping that Sony would blow me out of the water and finally give me a reason to get one.

Thoughts After Sony’s Press Conference
Here are my thoughts : *sigh*. I was really hoping that Sony was going to unveil a really good exclusive that would make me buy a PS3. The 360 has many, Gears of War, Halo, XBL, etc. But Sony still looks to be lacking that one MUST HAVE game. And after looking at Sony’s press conference I find myself in the same place as before. I mean a new Ratchet & Clank game? That’s nice. Little Big World? Looks extremely inventive but a must have?

I guess what I’m needing is PHENOMENAL game with TREMENDOUS replay value which I’m still not seeing. Plus all the PSN stuff… Trophies, Home… They don’t do anything for me. From what I’ve heard about the trophy system, I’m much more attracted to achievements on the 360. And on the Home front… I don’t think I want to go to people’s virutal houses. If I did, I’d play Second Life. So to me, same old same old though every time the presenter made reference to PS3’s “[great exlusives]” I had to chuckle to myself. Your thoughts?

Live Updates + Console Updates + Games = 360 Fun
To me, the Microsoft press conference was everything that Sony’s should have been.

  • Big changes to Online Environment
  • Actual live gameplay for Exclusives and Non-Exclusives alike
  • Strides to bring in Wii’s audience, the casual gamer
  • Big announcement to close things up

I could go on and on about how excited I was during the 360 press conference, but admittedly that could have to do with me owning a 360 and not a PS3. Also, I’ll end up gushing so much it really should go into another post.

Nintendo Goes “Ho Hum”
I’ve also linked to the Nintendo press conference here but as my friend said, “Dude – I wish I could fast forward through the live feed.” ha ha. As I was watching it, I felt like I was in Kindergarten with that woman talking to me like I was a 6 year old or something. Plus, their (I guess) big announcement was the Motion Plus addon for the Wiimote. At this point, I really how much more this adds over the current Wiimote. But hey, what do I know?

So I know the press conferences are very very long but I think at the least they’re worth watching. Does anyone have any thoughts about any of this stuff? Excited about XBL? You PS3 owners feel good about the Sony conference or are you annoyed at their message of “Just wait…”