Cloverfield Review – I LIKE!

You’d think that given my current situation, the hardest thing I have to do on a daily basis is taking care of my kid. But you’d be wrong.

It’s getting my wife to the movie theater.

Last Friday I started early though, asking her as soon as she got up if she wanted to go to the movies that evening. As the night came along, I then reminded her that we just received some free movie tickets for Christmas so it wouldn’t even cost us anything to go.

Ignoring her final desperate attempts to stay home (“I’m tired”, “blah blah blah”), I finally got her to the theater to see Cloverfield.

The whole movie experience didn’t get off to a great start when we first went to the box office and there was a sign reading something like,

If you’re prone to motion sickness, you may choose to stay away from Cloverfield.

After I managed to get the wife to shrug that one off, the box office didn’t even take our free movie tickets because they were for another theater. But despite all of this (which would normally be deal killers), I managed to get the wife into the movie right as it started with two other friends of ours. And we had a blast.

What’s the Deal With Cloverfield?
I could compare the movie with a couple others… Because of the unique way the film was shot, you’ll immediately think of The Blair Witch Project. Unlike that movie however, stuff actually happens in Cloverfield. And what’s better than that is how Cloverfield takes the de facto “monster destruction movie” and flips it completely by choosing to focus on the people affected by the situation rather than the situation itself. Sure, on the surface that may make the movie sound rather boring but trust me it is not.


Stuff is happening all over the place, it’s just that you’re seeing it all from the eyes of a small group of people running around on the streets rather than 60 stories up from the missiles of a jet or helicopter. That whole perspective thing really makes for an interesting movie. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll just have to trust me.


Should You Go See It?
All I can say is I liked it, and my wife liked it. We tend to like Sci-Fi movies and this one didn’t disappoint and was a very refreshing departure from the normal Hollywood fodder. Oh, and those two other people we were with? They hated the movie. When hearing some people in the audience applaud the movie, one of the friends told them to “Stop clapping!” and then said, “I will never go see another movie again…” So there you have it. I’m certainly not saying this movie win an Oscar, but it was really entertaining and I’m glad I saw it in the theaters.

If you want to read a much more indepth review of the movie, check out Big Daddy’s Kev site and interview with one of the stars!

HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray War Intensifies

Boy was I sad when I read this yesterday on Destructoid. It had really seemed that the high definition dvd war was finally approaching an end with Blockbuster choosing to only stock Blu-Ray discs, Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD 2:1, and 7 out of the 8 major movie studios putting their movies on Blu-Ray.

BUT all that changed with word yesterday that Paramount and Dreamworks were dropping Blu-Ray to sell exclusively on HD-DVD.

What the Devil Happened?
According to the NY Times says Engadget HD, Paramount and Dreamworks were essentially paid off to make the switch. Somewhere in the tune of $150 Million in incentives for 18 months. *ugh*

What this Means for You
If you were waiting to buy DVDs for one system or another (like myself), you may have to wait a little bit longer. And even though the major movie studio support is now about 5:4 for Blu-Ray, it is STILL outselling HD-DVD 2:1, offers MORE capacity on its discs, and seemingly has more support and from the high def industry. Now even though it seems like I’m a super Blu-Ray fanboy, it’s moreso I just want this war to be over with, so us consumers can just start our collection and move on.

Oh hey – I forget what I was exactly searching for yesterday, but I came across this great video from CES 2007 where the reporter asks people on the show floor which format will win. The best part of the video comes when one guy responds, “Well, I’m in front of the HD-DVD guys now so I’ll say HD-DVD”. Then the camera zooms to a Toshiba guy behind him who looks like he’s about to go strangle him. Ha ha. Check out the vid by clicking the picture above.

Am I the only guy who cares about this stuff?

Superman Doomsday Animated Movie

I really just stumbled across this on IGN’s website. Apparently, later this year there’s going to be a Superman Doomsday animated movie coming out later this year. It could be kind of cool because usually they can be a bit more graphic on direct to dvd animated movies than in ones that appear on regular cable TV. I AM wondering how this is going to end though (besides the obvious). We all know that Superman died at the hands of Doomsday and came back later but putting that in an animated movie…I think it’s going to be weird and awkware after you get past the part where he dies. I mean, the fight is probably gonna be really cool. But then, Superman dies and everyone starts mourning. And what?-The movie ends? That seems like a rather open ended ending for an animated movie. And if history is any predictor, I doubt that another movie is going to come out about the Return of Superman and the like. I dunno. I’ll probably snatch this one up, but I don’t see how it could end in anything but awkward. Check out the official site here.

Disturbia. Bad Name for a So-So Movie.

So I was listening to my new favorite movie reviewer, BDK and he recommended going to see Disturbia starring Shia LaBeouf. By the way, you can check out BDK’s website here at I tend to listen to what he says, because unlike most critics, he tells you how you should be watching the movie as opposed to how good the movie is or not. It may sound stupid, but I think a lot of critics get so bogged down in trying to review a movie relative to GREAT ones, that they forget about the simple “entertainment factor” for individual flicks.

So long story short, BDK said this movie was going to be a sleeper hit for the year, and you should definitely see the movie in theaters. Well I did, and let me tell you. … KINDA disappointed. See, here’s the thing…The first 15 minutes – GREAT. The last half hour – GREAT. Everything in the middle – TRIFFILIN BORING. The story just took SOOOOO long to build up to anything. But oh well. In fairness, BDK said that make w/ the sound in the theater, the movie would really come alive. Unfortunately, the theater I was at kinda sucked, (especially the sound).

So I’M sayin…Great rental, especially with a decent home theater setup.