My New Site

Many of you have read my little blurbs about this “new site” that I’ve been working on. If you’ve logged onto my MyBlogLog profile lately, you probably will have seen it before this “official” announcement but anyway here it goes… *drumroll* My new site is :

Da Mack!

Basically, after the new baby came, friends and family have been asking me a lot of questions, want to see pictures, and frankly – I’d love to talk to respond to all of that! And so, I made a new blog! It took me a while to settle on a name for the domain and then to get everything installed (last thing to install was of course Gallery *rolling eyes*) but now it’s finally up and ready to go! Another big reason that I wanted to start the new site is because having the kid is such a big thing, but unfortunately doesn’t really go with all the tech stuff on here (at least not yet). So until that day comes, check out the new site if you want to get an update on the kid and see some pics too (once I add the Gallery link that is). Once I’ve gotten into a groove with this site and that, I wouldn’t be surprised if I started a third blog!

Introducing Little Mac!

I’m going to do my best to follow the precedent set forth by fellow parent Black Belt Mama, and only refer to my kid by a cool nickname. And as everyone knows my last name is Mackel, so I guess this would make me and wife’s newest little guy, Little Mac!

He was born May 31st, Friday morning at right around 6:55am at a very healthy 8 pounds, 9 ounces. The wife of course did an amazing job, and did it all naturally. She told me at about 1am that morning that she was starting to have contractions and that they were 15 minutes apart. By 3:30ish they were about 5 minutes, and at the hospital at 4:30, she was having trouble standing up. She was a real trooper though, and didn’t come half as close to all those movies and shows I see about mothers going through such agony, cursing out their husbands and crushing their hands. Don’t get me wrong, she was FEEEEEELIN it and said it the most pain she’s ever experienced, but she was awesome.When the baby came out, there were some little problems, most notably the cord wrapped around his neck and his gigantic head and shoulders, but as they say, alls well that ends well.Wifey ended up being released from the hospital the day after, since she couldn’t get any rest with our baby by her bedside, all the nurses contantly going in and out, and another mom’s baby only a curtain away. Since then, life is definitely different, (in a good way), but I’m not gonna lie…Saturday was hellacious.We were both working on about 2 hours of sleep, (for the wife add a day), and both of us were soon looking like the Living Dead. But thankfully we got into some kind of rhythm after that, we have a beautiful baby boy who sleeps really well after feeding and we’re all doing swell.And apart from all the things I could say about how becoming a parent changes your life, it’s the best thing ever blah blah blah, it’s great to know that so many people care about you and your loved ones. Much like when you’re getting married, it’s one of those surreal experiences that makes you realize just how special you and your family are to so many people. And you know, I thought the love would only come from the people I’ve met, but to my surprise and delight (and the wife’s too), so many of the people I’ve become connected to in the “blogosphere” were quick to send their warm wishes and congrats.So without further ado, I have to just say thank you to the wonderfully artistic and critique loving Beth Ellen, the Baron of Brown – The Brown Baron, my pal from across the pond Pete Cullen, the always connected and plugged in Listikal and of course to the ever engaging, friendly and informative Black Belt Mama for the warm wishes. (#):D

The New Arrival

Hey kids! The short of it is that me and my wife have a new arrival! She gave birth early this morning to a 8 pound, 9 ounce bouncing baby boy! So I think I’m probably going on a short vacation for the rest of the week in terms of the site. I’ll put a full post up about the new baby sometime soon when I can find the time! (He’s a big boy!)

First SMB3 Nursery Pics Finally Up

After spending some time with my Gallery, I’ve finally uploaded the first pics of the Super Mario Bros 3 Nursery! Of course, the pics are the starting ones, that is, they don’t show anything in terms of where the project is going or even some design mockups. But as they say, you have to know where you come from to know where you’re going. They do say that right?

Well, hopefully I have this URL/WPG2 tag right…I’ve started an album that will have all the pics so check it out and leave some comments!

When to Introduce Kids to Video Games

Going right along with the Super Mario Bros 3 Nursery, my friend Steve sent me a link to some boards discussing when to introduce your kids to video games. Well, it actually started as, When to Introduce Kids to God of War. HA HA HA HA. That’s funny. But ppl did say some interesting things. … Personally, I don’t know when kids should see GoW. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking kids should never be introduced to GoW. (Kids being those under like 13) Not saying that I absolutely believe ppl over 13 should play the game either. You know what? I still got at least 13 years to think about it.

Project : Super Mario Bros 3 Nusrery!

If you missed the 4 o’clock news, I’m slated to have a new baby sometime between late May and early June. We’re obviously all a jitter, and running around like crazy trying to get ready for the new arrival. Of course, the wife is doing more than me, but what I AM doing is designing the nursery! For the longest time I didn’t know what i was going to do but on a recent trip to Sears it hit me like all the other pastel colored baby clothes shoved in my face. SUPER MARIO BROS 3. Not only is it great because the kid will love video games, but because most of the colors are very pastelly!, PERFECT FOR BABIES! I’ll make sure to keep everyone apprised on how it’s going and how crappy it comes out.