12 of 12 – February 2010

I erroneously reported before that I had forgotten to take 12 of 12 pictures but it would seem (after going through my camera) that I did happen to take some afterall! And even though the pictures are very similar, that was my life last week – Filled with nothing but snow. Oh, and I’m currently stricken with the flu so don’t expect the pictures to have any captions but maybe I’ll add some later when I feel better.

Yay for me!

12 of 12 – January 2010

I think this might be a good omen. You know, getting a 12 of 12 done in the first month of the new year. Now unfortunately the day couldn’t be any more ho hum, but sometimes married life with kids is like that haha. Anyway, thanks to Chad for starting this whole thing and given me something to post about!

Currently, I’m working from home not making any money – Which means the wife is doing the whole 9-7 thing. It also means that I’m doing the whole Daddy Day Care thing with the kids while I desperately try and get work done. Thank goodness for DVDs.

I read this book once that said you have to feed your kids so that they grow. Now even though it was from a Chia Pet instruction manual, the sentiment surprisingly still holds up. Now for someone as ill equipped as myself to take care of kids, the best thing in my arsenal is Eggo waffles. You just pop them in the toaster and in the amount of time it takes to put a kid in his chair, they’re done. Now Kellogg is currently experiencing a nationwide shortage of Eggos (which has rocked my world BELIEVE ME) so I’ve been reduced to store brand waffles. And even though they all suck, the kids know that beggars can’t be choosers.

Butter and syrup come close to masking the horrible taste of these store brand knockoffs and this guy is letting me know he appreciates the effort.

Pictures of my desk are always cool because they’re really bound to change over the years. I was proud of myself because I FINALLY managed to update my design website with new work and an overall more attractive look.

My mother-in-law loves leaving her horrible dog at our house. Why? I’m not really sure. But this dog attacked my oldest about a year ago, (like full on lion pounce), she thought about going after my youngest yesterday, barks all the time at nothing, just a pain in the a$$. And here she is taking my poor Fiyero’s dog bed.

If any of you are ever thinking that you can work at home with kids, you might want to think again. If they aren’t constantly turning off your monitors…

They’re eating your memory.

Later on in the afternoon, my youngest paused to announce that he was going to harass Fiyero. This poor dog… Ever since the kids got mobile he hasn’t been able to relax unless he can get upstairs to our bedroom, which is a hard task since we have baby gates that are constantly closed.

So I was hoping to get a picture of me cooking a la Pete, but I was obviously more concerned with eating and remembered to take a picture after I was done stuffing my face. Taco aftermath is very attractie n’est-ce pas?

Aftter dinner, my wife announced that she was going to be giving the kids a bath. I was thrilled because I thought I’d have a chance to play video games for 10 minutes but then I had to clean up dinner which took longer. Ugh. So I decided instead to take some pictures.

And here’s another with my wife who is thrilled to be on my blog!

Finally, my youngest wouldn’t be my youngest if he didn’t go out on a high note which he decided to bust out right before bed. Happy 12 of 12.

12 of 12 – December 2009

This 12 of 12 was full of craziness this year and for me it started in the middle of a LAN party at my friend’s house! Now this LAN party was radically different than all the ones preceding it because it had, get this – Bonified females there! Now while things definetely LOOKED better this year, it was probably the worst LAN party for games we’ve ever had. ha ha. Thankfully they tried to make up for that by just getting extremely drunk off the copious amounts of wine there.

The one in the pink somehow got herself into just about every picture I took. And let me tell you, she’s all kinds of awesome because she has a very sweet voice to say the dirtiest things you’ve ever heard.

You see that guy on the right? He basically ruined the 12 person Halo games that were going on by deciding to jump off and play Madden. BLEH.

Now this is probably the one girl at the LAN party who “tried” by actually going and getting a video game shirt! How awesome is she?

Later as the real LAN games were dying down, somebody put on the Saw game for 360… Don’t know if that game is worth the price of admission since the mechanics looked like they were terrible. Worse yet, despite being so bad it still managed to keep me there ’till about 3 o’clock in the morning. Goodness I was tired the next day.

And the next day, not only did I get a phone call at 9AM from my wife, but all I heard was banging, hammering and sawing next door. *GROAN* I still don’t know what they were doing next door, but this was their front yard.

So I left all my stuff at the LAN party the night before and after I retrieved it all, I went to this place which was on the way. Much to my sadness, I found out BJ Pumpernickel’s is closing next month!

Why is this place so cool? It MIGHT have something to do with their 5 layer cakes!!!

So if I didn’t say it before, the wife and kids were away the whole day so after I had that heart attack from the picture before, I decided to continue remodeling my downstairs bathroom which I hate. I’m going for a black/grey bathroom so here I’m comparing samples after I went to Home Depot and they decided to not give me any service. Jerks.

Because Home Depot didn’t want to help me, I went to Lowe’s instead and was in and out in 5 minutes. They might become my new home improvement hotspot.

After all that nonsense (if I hadn’t already had a full enough day) I told my friend Frenchie I’d visit her in Winchester, VA which is about 2 hours away from where I live. Remember that I had gotten home this morning at 4am or something so it took a LOT of effort to get down there. But it was cool since I hadn’t visited her down there since she moved. Here I’m checking out her place which includes an Edward Cullen doll. (She’s actually a very cool girl despite this).

More pics of her place.

And finally my day was over at I said goodbye to Frenchie and her cat Zoie. I left that night to come home and somehow managed to get back just a little past 2am. GOOD NIGHT!

12 of 12 – June 2009

It looks like I’m only hitting my 12 of 12’s every other month but that’s still not too bad I figure. (#):) If you don’t know what 12 of 12 is, it was started by Chad Darnell where you take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th of every month and post them up for the world to see! If you want to see these in Gallery2 form, click here.

Just about every morning of mine starts with letting Fiyero out. You can also see my kid’s new pool for his 2nd Birthday courtesy of my friend Bubba!

This is a common look for my desk in the morning. Street Fighter wallpaper, orange juice and some code.

The company’s favourite intern Mo has come back for his 4th year or something. He’s a BIG fan of cameras too.

I went to Best Buy during my “lunch break” to try and use a coupon on my new camera that I just bought. Unfortunately, cameras only have a 14 day return policy so it was a no go. Thanks to Best Buy for letting me know that when I bought it. Geez I hate that store sometimes.

I was going to get some food so I parked my car out in Alexandria!

Since Wendy’s went out of commission, this is my favourite place to grab a bite in Old Town Alexandria. So much so that as soon as I go in, they start making my order. THAT my friends is a good feeling.

After leaving the deli, I took this picture of an intersection in Old Town.

I had to take a phone call today so I found myself outside right on the water where I took some pictures.

And THIS is where I was sitting during the phone call. (#):)

If you didn’t know, Friday is pizza night in our household. And how I could I NOT take a picture of THIS Swinging D!

Doesn’t he understand that the food goes IN his mouth?

Unfortunately, all the shots of my oldest came out blurry (2 fast, 2 furious) so you’ll have to make due with another picture of my youngest. I’m tellin’ you, it’s not too hard to get a good picture of this one!

12 of 12 – Apr 2009

I managed to get as 12 of 12 done! Don’t know if these are the most exciting pictures, but I snagged a few good family ones. If you don’t know what 12 of 12 is, it was started by Chad Darnell where you take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th of every month and post them up for the world to see! If you want to see these in Gallery2 form, click here.

The day started early as I got to the gym sometime after 5am. I got some swimming in early but things took a turn downhill as I did some rehab on my knees… Walking backwards at .8 mph. And no, that’s not a typo. .8 mph.


My oldest one’s godfather wanted to come over and give him a proper Easter by hiding eggs all around the house. He had a blast eating a TON of peanut butter M&Ms. Later in the day he ended up going sugar crazy but that’s another story I suppose.


The wife decided that the small Easter Egg hunt would become a family affair so she invited her parents and grandparents over which you see in a lot of these pictures.


He took a pause to check out what was happening to good ol’ Vinnie Mac. What does it say when this kind of stuff is aired on ESPN?


This is guy who brought over all the goodies and made his godson’s morning!


So my brother-in-law was trying to hook up a DVD player to an old TV that didn’t have composite input. So I suggested doing the ol DVD to VCR to TV trick and it almost worked… He could get audio but not video. With some checking here and there, we could get a channel of video from component so we think it’s not putting out anything on the video composite output. Now if he can find the remote for the DVD player, we can see if there’s an option for that.


We eventually would make our way to the in-laws’ house sans my oldest who we left with my parents (he didn’t want to leave my parents house because they had trains). So at the dinner table at the in-laws, the baby I guess figured out that this was his time to shine and was just smiling like a lunatic!


I will sell this print for $49.99 thru PayPal.


One of the things the wife was most excited about was seeing her best friend in the whole entire world. One of the things I was not excited about was seeing her best friend in the whole entire world. haha


When he’s asleep, everything is right in my world.


When you’re so happy over something, sometimes it requires more than one picture!


Usually during holidays I end up baking something and this one was no exception. Cherry cheesecake for everyone!

12 of 12 – Feb 2009

It looks like I’m slowly tightening the gap between the times I decide to do 12 of 12s ha ha.

Sorry I’m so late getting this up, but in the States yesterday it was President’s Day which meant that THIS guy didn’t have to go to work. Yeah I know… “Well if you had the day off, why didn’t you post it YESTERDAY?”

I was still fooling around with the innards of my 360!! Oh, I didn’t tell you guys about that? Well expect a rant on THAT subject sometime this week.

In the meantime, click on the picture below to check out my gallery for this month’s 12 of 12!

And BTW, if you’re wondering where 12 of 12 came from – Head over to Chad’s spot!

12 of 12 – Nov 2008

Leave it to me. For ONCE I actually manage to complete my 12 of 12 for the month, and then I wait 5 days after to put the post up about it. *laughs*

Personally I blame Ace Combat 6, Ninja Gaiden II and achievements in general.

But in any event, if you wanna check’em out, click on the picture below and you’ll go to my gallery (surprisingly not linked from here) and you can go through the pictures and see what a decidedly boring day in my life looks like.

BTW, my dog is yawning at something else, not the frequency of posts on this site. (#);)

My First 12 of 12

I don’t know how I did this, but apparently I did my 12 of 12 on the 11th. *ugh* As my mom would say, “I can’t win for losing”.

But you know what, screw it! I did it after trying to get it done for countless months so I’m very happy.

BTW, if you don’t know what 12 of 12 is, I saw the idea on Pete‘s site but the idea originally came from Chad Darnell. You take 12 pictures on the 12th of a month, effectively chronicalling a day in your life.

Looking back at the pictures I shot, I’m content with what I got. I didn’t know until I got out there how uncomfortable it can be trying to take good pictures of what you’re doing since a lot of that stuff involves other people. Oh well, no where to go but up right?

Everyday of mine usually starts with my kid and this was no exception. He’s standing and beginning to walk now and yesterday he seemed very happy to take some pictures for me.

After I got down to where I work I needed to grab some breakfast so I went into the Old Town Alexandira, VA to grab something at Bruegger’s Bagels. Can’t see it? It’s right behind the bus. (Good pic I know)

And this is the building where I work. A couple of weeks ago we had a big ice storm and a fell down the steps leaving the office. It hurt a lot.

Sometime at about 1 I moseyed back into Old Town to get some food at my new favourite place down here, Bugsy’s! Everyday, they have an unlimited Pizza and Salad bar which actually serves decent pizza.

Here I am taking a shot where I eat, upstairs at the bar. Yesterday being Tuesday, I had the Club Sandwich special and did some computer work on the laptop since they have WiFi. I also made some small talk with the bartenders, one of which is just returning from back surgery.

So after I went back to work for a while it was time to go home but before I did, I had to go to Pacers (a running store) to pick up some new shoes I had special ordered a while back.

These are the Brooks Addiction Walkers. I fell in love with the Addiction runners and when I tried on a pair of the Walkers, I had to have them. They have the same fit as the running shoes which is great for my overpronating flat feet, but have thicker soles making them great for standing and walking!

And here’s the guy who called me to tell them they were ready. Boy was it awkward explaining why I was taking the picture. I asked him if he wanted to smile and he says, “Na man, I don’t smile” so instead I got him while he was talking. (#):)

This is what I have to look forward to on the way home – Traffic. Thankfully my wife told me about a way to get around all this junk so I don’t have to deal with it for long. Still, a 45 minute commute is a 45 minute commute.

Welcoming me back home is the wife and little guy who seemed to go from waving to pounding on the window screen.

And shortly after I got back home it was time for dinner. First step is strapping the little guy in his chair. Look at that smile! For some reason, he was just loving to take pictures!

The last picture of the day has me doing what I do best with Little Mac – Bonding over video games. Of course he wasn’t playing them as much as he was trying to break my new 360 equipment but whatchya gonna do?

Hope you enjoyed the pics and I promise I’ll get some more exciting ones next month!