5 Major Trends In Mobile App Gaming

App gaming is constantly evolving, with developers putting out brand new games just about every day. Of course, only a handful reach the top of the charts, and a lot of people can’t be bothered to go digging for more obscure options (when in reality these are often the best ones!). But among the constant creation and evolution of gaming apps, there are trends that emerge and help to define mobile gaming. Often these trends are a bit more specific than the broad categories you’ll find in app stores, like “puzzle” or “action.” So here’s a look at 5 trends we’ve been seeing in gaming apps throughout 2013.


1. Tower Defense
Tower defense games have been popular online for years and years, and there have been a few app versions available for some time now. But it seems as if they’re climbing in popularity. “Kingdom Rush Frontiers” has become one of the top paid gaming apps available, and “Bloons TD Battles” even offered an interactive military twist on the popular format.

2. Interactive Puzzles
This is one trend that just won’t go away, and so it can be said to be intensifying every year. The current most popular choice is probably “Ruzzle,” but even old favorites such as “Words With Friends” are still very, very popular. It seems that any new twist on a word search or puzzle that incorporates social competition immediately tops the charts.

3. Casino Gaming
Casino style gaming is certainly not new to mobile devices. In fact, in the iOS app store, there’s an entire “Casino” category, so this is clearly nothing new. However, the concept of real money gambling is becoming a real factor in casino app gaming. Bet Fair is one great example of an online casino that now offers a range of apps to make mobile betting possible. From casino games to sports bets, these apps give you the capability to risk and win money from just about anywhere, and as online gambling becomes more legal in more places, this trend figures to skyrocket.

4. Horror Games
This is become a shockingly expansive category, and it doesn’t quite matter what your definition of horror is. For light fun with a horror backdrop, there are games like “The Curse,” a cartoonish puzzle game that sees you battle a phantom-like “villain” with intellect. For video game style horror, there are any number of classic zombie adventure games and shooters. And for truly creepy adventure style games there are haunting games like “The Room” and “Year Walk” to give you chills at night. Horror is red hot, and app trends prove it.

5. Console Quality
Console quality is unrealistic on mobile devices, but certain developers are pushing the limits. “Infinity Blade III” and “Grand Theft Auto 3” are great examples, as are the numerous adaptations of console sports game that pop up in app stores. As graphics and gameplay capability improve, the gap between app and console gaming is shrinking at least a bit.

This is a guest post written by Evan Miller. Evan is a gaming and tech enthusiast and writes extensively reviewing new products and services for various websites.

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