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I wonder if when I click “publish” if this will be pushed to the Twitter feed. See, these are the types of things you wonder when you haven’t written a post in over 3 years… Which is kinda nutz. I mean, I went from basically posting every day to posting nothing. And truthfully I don’t know if this post will mark a return to me posting with any type of frequency either but that you can probably blame on kids and Twitter.

So as one might guess, a lot can happen in 3 years and I suppose my last 3 years is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, nothing too huge but some nice little footnotes none the less. Here are the cliff notes (not necessarily in chronological order):

  • My first and only daughter was born which gets me up to the three kid mark
  • Lost my cousin Taahna Smith, the recipient of a heart transplant, a first cousin who I spent a lot of time with growing up.
  • Lost my beloved Monte Carlo when my wife sold it in a day on Craigslist w/ all my audio equipment still installed
  • Created and designed n00balert.com which I poured my soul into. Did a lot of great writing (which I have since removed from the site), a lot of great videos and convention coverage, got to tick off e3 from my bucket list and had a blast (along the way met Tommy Talarico. Steve Wiebe, Hank Chien, Billy Mitchell, Kim Swift, Seth Killian and other really cool cats)
  • Quit n00balert when I didn’t feel I could push it any further with the individuals involved
  • Bought a $1500 Black Friday special Samsung 65″ LED TV
  • Middle child threw a drumstick at Samsung 65″ LED TV within its first year of service making it a really big paperweight
  • Made my first Android app which has over 10,000 downloads
  • Hosted an exchange student from Hong Kong and taught her the value of the phrase “this sucks”

And there’s more stuff too (of course) which I may elaborate on in the future but of course that is presuming I write another post. Well one more I want to write is on the subject of the Xbox One, but again – We’ll see if that actually happens.

3 thoughts on “Mic Check”

  1. Now either I’ve had my head in the sand for three years but most of these I didn’t know so…

    I’m really sorry about your cousin brother 🙁
    The car! 🙁 I feel your pain after having to give up mine but with all the audio gear as well? Now that is the bitterest pill to swallow.
    Ditto n00balert I honestly had no idea you went to E3. Man.
    I’m going to guess insurance wouldn’t cover the drum stick incident? OWWWW.

    Nice to have you back sir.

  2. @Pete – At some point I felt the same after reading your first post coming back! It feels good to kinda get back into blogging but I really need to amp things up around here. And I’m glad to be back, thx for inspiring me to make the return!

  3. No problem buddy. I’ve got a few decent post ideas rolling around in my head at the moment. Hopefully they make their way out onto the interwebnets.

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