Microsoft's Latest 180 – Kinect

In the time since we last spoke (around 2010 if memory serves me correct), I started to get more into listening to podcasts, some of which include “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show”, the “NGN n00bcast” (from my friends formerly of N00bAlert) and one of my new gotos, the “Married to the Games Podcast”. I’m really digging the latter podcast because the crew over go by the moniker, “Kids, wives and 9 to 5s” which really speaks to where I’m coming from as 30yr father of 3. But if you wanna learn more about then, head over to their site in link provided.

So I think they’ve all but admitted that they’re all PS3 guys and in their last podcast they brought up the most recent 180 by Microsoft on Xbox One features, in particular that now you can disconnect the Kinect from the console and it will still function (which they previously said was all but an impossibility). So their question, not being Xbox 360 guys was essentially:

“Doesn’t this most recent announcement make the Xbox faithful really ticked off? That you’re essentially gonna have to pay $100 more for something you don’t want anyway and now clearly don’t need.”

And as one of those 360 faithful I thought I’d respond.

A Little Background on Me
For those of you who are new readers or have forgotten, I am one of the Xbox 360 faithful. I wasn’t a day one adopter of the system but I got it early enough. I’m also an achievement whore which had me killing myself over Ninja Gaiden 2. I’m also one of the (apparent) few who is in a Family Plan and someone who uses their Kinect and someone who watches Cable TV on my xboxes by way of the cablecard and Ceton device.

I also have a background in Computer Science, I’m a web developer, Flash developer, Android developer… I worked as a QA tester at Bethesda Softworks and I did a lot of work as a video game journo with n00balert covering conventions like E3, PAX and New York Comic Con. Now I’m not saying that should or shouldn’t lend itself to my credibility but hopefully it at least shows I can see stuff in the game world from a couple different perspectives instead of just a straight up “fan”.

The Short Of It
If you’re looking for a TL:DR here it is – From everything Microsoft has collectively said or done in regards to the Xbox One up to this point, you probably already have an opinion on the system and I don’t think this latest 180 changes things that much. If you were already mad with Microsoft you’re probably a bit madder and if you weren’t mad you’ll probably let this latest gaffe slide too.

The Long of It
Whether it be the DRM, the Kinect, Indie Self Publishing or anything else Microsoft has done a 180 on – They’re really eroding the trust with their consumer. As a lover of their last system the new one has been eroded so much that imo it’s not offering much of a different experience than that of the PS4. I’m pretty sure that a Kinectless XBox SKU will come out as that (and the DRM) always seemed like software “switches” than anything hardware related anyway (i.e., they could easily or with 10 minutes worth of work) switch that stuff off as they choose. And let me add too that I like the Kinect, the new one looks even better and my wife and kids are looking forward to it. I think it was the right move to put it with every system so developers could “safely” develop for it but man oh man does Microsoft need to grow some balls.

All of these reversals just tell me that I don’t need with my money on a PS4 OR Xbox on day one. I’ll be content to lay back and see how they both pan out, and also whether or not I can get a PS4 + PSP bundle or Xbox + Titanfall bundle sometime after launch. But yeah, outside of nice enough games coming for both systems, I still have a huge backlog to get through on my current Xbox 360!

Mic Check


I wonder if when I click “publish” if this will be pushed to the Twitter feed. See, these are the types of things you wonder when you haven’t written a post in over 3 years… Which is kinda nutz. I mean, I went from basically posting every day to posting nothing. And truthfully I don’t know if this post will mark a return to me posting with any type of frequency either but that you can probably blame on kids and Twitter.

So as one might guess, a lot can happen in 3 years and I suppose my last 3 years is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, nothing too huge but some nice little footnotes none the less. Here are the cliff notes (not necessarily in chronological order):

  • My first and only daughter was born which gets me up to the three kid mark
  • Lost my cousin¬†Taahna Smith, the recipient of a heart transplant, a first cousin who I spent a lot of time with growing up.
  • Lost my beloved Monte Carlo¬†when my wife sold it in a day on Craigslist w/ all my audio equipment still installed
  • Created and designed which I poured my soul into. Did a lot of great writing (which I have since removed from the site), a lot of great videos and convention coverage, got to tick off e3 from my bucket list and had a blast (along the way met Tommy Talarico. Steve Wiebe, Hank Chien, Billy Mitchell, Kim Swift, Seth Killian and other really cool cats)
  • Quit n00balert when I didn’t feel I could push it any further with the individuals involved
  • Bought a $1500 Black Friday special Samsung 65″ LED TV
  • Middle child threw a drumstick at Samsung 65″ LED TV within its first year of service making it a really big paperweight
  • Made my first Android app which has over 10,000 downloads
  • Hosted an exchange student from Hong Kong and taught her the value of the phrase “this sucks”

And there’s more stuff too (of course) which I may elaborate on in the future but of course that is presuming I write another post. Well one more I want to write is on the subject of the Xbox One, but again – We’ll see if that actually happens.