Power Windows and Siding Review and Complaints

Me and the wife were lucky enough to get into a small townhouse about two years ago now. Even though price-wise it wasn’t the BEST time to move, it certainly wasn’t the worst and in regards to our burgeoning family, we certainly needed the space. All in all, I think we are pretty content with our decision to buy.

Fast forward to today and while we like our little house, there are a lot of things we don’t like about it including how energy inefficient it seems to be. Add to that our complete disdain for our current windows and we were all about hearing what Power Windows and Siding had to say.

Power Windows and Siding Came a Knockin
It all started when somebody came to the house knocking on our door saying that their company was giving out free estimates on windows and that they would put the estimate in writing and would be honored for a year. I’m pretty sure we had gotten one of these guys at the house before and shirked them off, but for some reason we decided to give them a try this time. (I think it was because he said the estimate would only take 10 minutes). So we scheduled the appointment for that Saturday, didn’t think too much more of it and said goodbye to that guy.

A Very Good Presentation
That Saturday at 2pm, the representative from Power Windows and Siding came to our house to do the estimate. I won’t divulge the guy’s name but he was a really nice decent looking dude who went on to do probably an hour or two just straight presentation on the windows… And the presentation was good! He brought out lots of cross sections of the windows to show how they were made, real estimates from local competitors on the windows, he brought out the windows themselves, did a heat demonstration, discussed the company.. Again, it seemed really thorough and after the presentation alone it was hard to not want to buy the windows esp as how we can barely move the windows we have installed now.

Into Hour 3 or 4…
At about the hour 3 or 4 mark, we finally started talking about price. I think for 12 windows we were quoted a price of a little over $10K but don’t hold me to that. Now that price also came with a FANTASTIC double lifetime guarantee that covered the windows from ANYTHING. All acts of god, the kids, even if I locked myself out and broke a window to get back in. Being assured that we would never have to spend another dime on our windows and that we’d be saving some money on our energy bill was looking really attractive. BUT, we’re not millionaires and we concluded that $10,000 was just too far out of comfort zone. It was at that point that negotiations REALLY started as this guy would not take “no” for an answer.

The Estimate – 5 Hours of My Life Gone
It should also be pointed out that when we scheduled this appointment at 2 so that we could talk to this guy while the kids were down for their naps. Since then, the kids went down for their nap, got up from their nap, and we were all trying to just get some food. I had played a game of basketball before this and I was DYING. Every time the rep offered us a new lower price, he gave us some privacy to let us think about it but it was never “Here’s my phone number, think about it for a day”. At one point he even said, “Oh no problem! You two think about it – I can hang around.”

Now if this guy wasn’t absolutely charming and nice to talk to, I would’ve wanted to kill myself and that line wouldn’t’ve have flown. But don’t think I didn’t know what was going on either – It was quickly apparent that these Power Windows and Siding reps were trained to NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE hence him being at my house 5 hours after the presentation started. Adding to the pressure of everything is that all his reduction in prices were only available “that day”. But whatever… Sales guys are sales guys and I was pretty sure they’d find it in their heart to honor these one day prices two months down the road.

But after more talks, we finally got the guy down to roughly $9000 and with tax credits and their stuff I think it came down to $7500 which WAS in our wheelhouse. So after 5 hours of presentations, negotiations, famine, and dealing with the kids – We finally signed the papers and he was on his way. Again, we felt ok with the purchase because we had a couple days to cancel and we did get the price down to something we liked.

Of Course the Wife Cancels
I sat through a 5 hour presentation, hunger and headaches for these windows. I hate the ones we have now and was definitely looking forward to replacing them. My wife on the other hand had apparently made a secret unilateral decision that she wanted a minivan and she thus decided to cancel the windows. And it was funny that in all the things that we read, all the fine lines that we went over – We didn’t read the fine print on canceling which could only be done with TELEGRAM or HAND DELIVERING THE LETTER to their Power Windows and Siding HQ in PA. I mean, who the hell even knows how to send a telegram?

If you haven’t been able to tell already, this was par for the course with Power Windows and Siding… making it VERY difficult for them NOT to close the deal. Undeterred however the wife discovered you could also send a letter with delivery confirmation or something and so we did. It was at this point that they said that we had to have a followup meeting (you guessed it) IN OUR HOUSE to fill out some “internal” paperwork to really terminate the transaction! And my wife is telling me this as if that’s just the way it was! I on the other hand said, “Enough is Enough!”

I called them up regarding this appointment and it was clear to me that they were on full scramble mode trying to keep this appointment to make one final stab at us. I was transferred from one CSR to the next until I finally spoke to someone who seemed able to end the insanity. She tried to give me some line about “Since this is such a big order, we need you to file some internal paperwork with us…” but I just had to cut her off, “LOOK, your internal paperwork doesn’t have anything to do with us and there is NO reason to send someone to our house again. We are done.” to which she quickly said “Thank you” and hung up.

Power Windows and Siding Conclusion
When I researching this company and seeing other people’s reviews and complaints, almost everyone complained about the process that I went through. And while they are definitely pushy as hell, I don’t think I’ve seen or heard any complaints from those who actually got their windows. Honestly, I wish I had been one of them.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your PWS story. Today my husband and I sat threw a 4 hr. meeting and signed up for the windows. I am nervous as to weather or not we just made a big mistake. You are right the pitch is built to pressure you into getting the windows but then again most top company’s tend to do this “lock in rate”. I have also done some research (after our meeting) and found a huge number of complaints from people that sat threw the pitch and kicked the sales person out and alot of very positive reviews from people after the work was done. Seems like the sales part is hell but the outcome may be worth it… I hope. Thank you again.

  2. The reason the presentation is so long, is because windows are a big investment. If these guys just left you with a price, how would you know who to pick? They give you a great presentation on how the windows are made, their features and benefits. Their window is a one time investment because their warranty covers absolutely everything. The windows might be a litle more than what you’ll typically find, but they guarantee that you’ll never have to do them again…they’ll get done right the first time.

  3. Well my salesman was not that bad. I would say it lasted maybe 1hr to 2hrs. He did a great job and I was impressed with the salespitch and the quality of the windows. The windows looked so nice I was afraid I couldn’t afford them. I had one more estimate from another company after that. I told the PWS guy that thats what I needed to do. He said no problem trust me I gave you a good price. I saw the next vendor three days later. Their windows wer not the same quality and they were only $700 cheaper total. I said thank you I have to think about it and sat down and in an hour decided I’d rather pay more money for better quality. I have to go through the engineer and installation part next. Hopefully that will go as smoothly as the sale went.

  4. Just got finish reading the story and the feedback. Our salesman was very nice too; and yes, it was a long sales demostrantion and there were gimmicks, cost came down significantly, so it does make you wonder. I’m sure the cost was already increased to allow for all of the supposedly negotiation and coupon tricks. I must say the warranty is what caught my attention along w/the insurance policy when the installations begins. What I’m trying to find is a price comparison — meaning what quotes were given to whom for how many and the types of windows being installed? That’s when I can tell if we were “cheated”.

  5. The Truth

    About Me
    Full Disclosure: I was an installer / sub contractor for Power Windows from 2009 to the beginning of 2010 in Northern NJ area. Leaving them was the best thing I ever did, I now have a great show room in Bergen County NJ and no longer have the need to sub-contract for them. I was raised in the window business and I’m a true professional when it comes to this business.

    First of they do hire off of Craigslist and that is how we found them. The salesman claim that the installers go through a tremendous amount of training is BS, they just make sure you know what your doing before your a regular. One of the first things Michael (who runs the install department in NJ) said to me “We tell the home owners that your an employee, I hope that’s not a problem”. Obviously, that’s how much they care about the customer. They also make the installers buy the materials (caulking, coil, trim nails, insta-trim) from them, especially that stupid blue white caulking that doesn’t even match the window color. At one point they started refusing to tell the installers what there schedules was, so the installer would still come to work with a full crew and give them one or two windows, which leaves the sub loosing money for the day because he has to still pay his employees.

    The price they are charging is a joke. I sell vinyl windows furnished and installed that are similar in quality if not better for $350 dollars with Low-E and Argon to qualify for a tax rebate and an extra hundred a window if it is a lead job (pre 1978 home with lead paint). There siding and roofing prices are even worse, on average they are slightly less then double the industry norm.

    They are very unversed when it comes to the installation. They are high pressure which now in days obvious still works for them but I do not think that’s the way business should be done. If you notice the salesman takes very broad measurements because he has no clue what the real measurements will or should be. A lot of times the salesman comes to the job to quote on quote check on the installation, reality is they are there to sell you more ridiculously priced products.

    Measure Tech
    These are the guys that come make the final measurements and make sure the salesman didn’t sell you something that can’t be done. For the most part these are guys that at one time worked for themselves as a subcontractor or on a crew. They are in this low paid position because they were not good enough at higher paying job as an installer and simply couldn’t hack it. Also they use them at 28k to 35k a year (full time)because it would cost a lot more for a real pro to run around all day measuring windows. There have been many jobs that they have messed up on the measurements where it was my job to fix it by doing extra work to properly fit a poorly measured window They also let the installer know what moldings the job needs, after awhile I stopped going to Home Depot to by the moldings in the morning because half the time the were wrong and would wait until I got to the job to see what I would need.

    My Opinion
    The company is a sales and marketing company and structured that way, It doesn’t matter what they were selling. A company like this will eventually fail once enough word of mouth gets around. I did not like my experience working for them due to have having one or two good jobs a week and the remaining being jobs that made me unprofitable for the remaining days of the week besides them being unorganized. I wish these people no further success and every buyer out there should always see what there reputable local window and door company has to offer them. Leaving them has giving me more time to concentrate on my own business and we are doing very well with giving people a great product at a good price

    Thanks For Reading

  6. I used to work for them too, and nearly all of what you reported is a very negative spin on the company. Yes, at one point, they had to quickly hire installers because of numerous obligations to their customers. That does not mean that their installers are inadequate. If you think about it, Power Windows and Siding is ultimately taking the risk on those installers, because the company would have to come out and pay for any repairs in the future.

  7. Thanks so much for all this info. I had some nice young men come to my door and agreed to have PWS do an estimate. Then they found out that I do all the preliminaries with contractors before my husband puts aside the time to meet with them and wouldn’t make an appointment. There are plenty of local, reputable contractors around who don’t bat an eye when I contact them, and who make the time to meet with me, no questions asked. so the PWS approach seeemed offputting and contrary to good business practice.

    I then tried to email them to complain about this policy, but all three addresses bounced back to me. You all saved me a lot of time and irritation. Thank you.

  8. Just had a nice young man come over for an estimate on the stone siding. He got the measurements, worked up the estimate, discussed the normal stuff. Price was much higher than we had been planning to spend, so will have to think about it awhile. But over all it was a good experience, he was here less than an hour, we have the estimate and contact info. If all their reps acted like Kieth, then they’d probable do more sales.

  9. The sales process was a pain in the butt and quite long. We had 2 other estimates which were a little lower, but the warranty and the installation was much better with Power. My husband and I used them to replace 11 windows in October and then our roof in December. Both installs went flawlessly and the installers were employees not subcontractors for both installs, (I asked). Our neighbor used them also and they are happy as well. I would recommend them to anyone as long as they can sit through the sales process.

  10. Let the buyer beware! That old adage will always be appropriate advice. The installation done by PWS will depend on the installer who is given the job that day. Most know what they are doing. However, the price is almost twice what you could get the same window for elsewhere. They use a window made by Northeast Building Products in Philadelphia. PWS orders a slightly modified standard product so that they can say it’s an exclusive. The reason they have to charge so much is their HUGE advertising budget, and their many layers of management needed to keep all those salesmen on their toes.

  11. We went through the 2 hr. sales pitch and signed up for 26 windows for $25k…Neighbors used other dealers and would not recommmend their dealers. Called one neighbor who used PWS and they love their windows and would highly recommend them. That was why we went with them..Install in 8 wks. will update after that!

  12. I’m quite happy with the windows I had installed by PWS a couple of years ago. But I’m furious with their sales tactics. I had the 4-5 hours sales pitch when I got the windows. What’s ticked me off is the pitch I had recently for siding. It was another 4-5 hour pitch during which I mentioned that I had condensation on my PWS windows. The sales man looked at the windows and said in no uncertain terms that condensation shouldn’t happen, that there was a problem with the windows and he personally scheduled a service call for me. He went so far as to say that they would probably replace all of my winndow sashes to correct the problem. When the service guy came, he said that there was nothing wrong with the windows. There was going to be condensation when it was cold out because my house humidity level was about 45%. He said that the salesman had fed me a line in order to make the siding sale and he had no business doing that. The service guy noted the salesman’s name and said he was going to report him. I was not happy, so I did some research and I believe the service guy is right about the condensation. Also, on my original window contract, there’s a whole paragraph in the warranty info that excludes anything to do with condensation from the warranty. The siding sales guy was a schmuck.

  13. I also had a representative knock on my door. My roof shingles have blown off and I need repair/replacement quickly. They put me on the phone with their scheduler who asked me what day/time was good. As we both work at home, time didn’t really matter but I also am the “estimator collector” in our home. My husband trusts me to get a good price and really wants nothing to do with. I explained this 3 or 4 times and the scheduler says, “well are the weekends better.” So I say, you know what this is not working, I’m done with you… and handed the phone back to the rep. He took the phone and shrugged his shoulders. Why do they insist on both of you being there. I guess I lucked out reading these posts. Her stupidity did me a favor.

  14. Family member had PWS out to their home and a fast talking sales rep sell them a new roof. They canceled the next morning and had a referred roofer come and give him an estimate with the same itemized repairs and the estimate was $8,000 cheaper, PWS would have had a $9,000 profit. A total rip off,

  15. Who would fall for that “only tonight” pricing?
    Who would allow someone to waste 5 hours of their time.
    At Essex Home Improvements, we respect your time and your intelligence. Our sales presentations take exactly 45 minutes, A – Z. Our prices are good for at least 30 days, we want our clients to be comfortable with their decision, no high pressure here. Our prices are usually 35 – 40 percent lower than Power’s and we have a Lifetime no questions asked warranty. We are family owned and operated, NO SALESMEN, NO SUBCONTRACTORS. Before you sign with Power, give us a call @ 973 202 3075.

  16. My window manufacturer is one of the same manufacturers that PSW uses. I am surprised that so many people fall for the same old sales gimmick performed by their sales staff. But people do and will continue to fall for a well performed sales act. I myself am not gifted in the art of abusive sales tactics, my loss I guess? On average for the top of the line double hung vinyl windows that I purchase from my vendor are installed on average for $500.00 to $600.00 per window for a standard double hung wood window replacement with exterior capping. The maufacturer warrants the window for life as written in their warranty literature. I will provide you with any literature for the window or if you wish you could visit the manufacturers facility in Philadelphia. Better Builders and Remodelers will provide you with a no nonsense remodeling project. From a window replacement project to a complete interior or exterior home remodeling project. Call for an estimate at 484-574-9204 or 610-534-0464.

  17. The worst company. Too pushy; Customer service representative came again with lower rebate pricing. Would not take for a no. A no made him angry. Do not go with this company

  18. We also had that terrible experience with power windows in February. We signed and they were coming out to measure and then in 8 weeks the windows would be delivered. we also financed with them. About a week later they called to say they were coming out to measure. Next call came in to say the windows were in and they were coming to install! we said we were not even approved for financing yet! Another call. Financing approved. Evidently if you are breathing you are approved. We told them they could not install until we had vacation in April. finally they came to install. The installers were local people and they were wonderful. They were clean, neat and not loud installing. Power windows called that afternoon to find out if the job was done and to say someone was coming out to inspect the job. That was April 18. It is now May 15 and NO ONE has called or contacted us to say they were coming to inspect the windows. We are still waiting. Customer service and their sales reps stink!! And they want recommendation???

  19. My Power windows are 12 years old and perform like new. The installer was a PWS employee and thoroughly professional. We are now considering replacing 12 windows in another house. The estimate seems very high, but we may accept it it because our previous experience was excellent.

  20. We had a very nice woman come knock on our door at 8:00 on a friday night to talk to us about home repair. As we were looking for new windows anyway we went ahead and made the appointment for the next day as we were told we both needed to be present. The guy who came was very nice and personable. After a 3 hour sales pitch, which we will admit was very interesting, he got down to pricing. Well it started at over $25,000 and by the time he did all his rebates, his TODAY ONLY price was $15,000. We explained we were not ready to make that type of investment with out doing some research and only heard of them for the first time the night before. After going on and on about how great they are and explaining the “UPS” effect on why they cant come back and offer the same price as it is not efficient for them, we thanked him but still said no. Well a month goes by and my husband receives a call from them saying we were selected for additonal rebates. We really liked the product so agreed to another meeting but asked how long this presentation would take. We were told it would be no more than 30 minutes as they would just go over some pricing. Well the guy was an hour and a half late, was here for over 2 hours, and it was still a TODAY ONLY sales pitch!!!!! My husband checked 3 different times with everyone who called to verify the appointment if that would be the case or if the price stayed the same regardless, he was assured there was no TODAY ONLY requirements. Needless to say we said no thanks and are now looking into windows from other companies. My biggest concern is how can they go from $25,000 to the newest low price of $13,000????? That means their prices are a HUGE rip off!!!!!!

  21. I want to buy a house, but it’s stories like this that scare me a bit. Taking care of it takes huge amounts of time that I am not sure I have with a full time job.

  22. When you see this company RUN…not only are the windows horrible.when i found out that the dont do background checks on there sales reps. I was shocked.not only do the expect you to spend alot of money and will bagger you until so,your giving your info to a stranger who could be a criminal….stay away !!!

  23. The prices at Power are double the industry standard. The only reason they beat you over the head is so you don’t shop around. Good product, good install, but they take advantage of people who don’t shop around.

  24. The worst company i ever worked to….. they do’t treat they workers as people, they treat they workes as animals!!! Don’t be foll of this company they charge so mush money for shity matterials they are using. My advice is dont caal this people they gonna take everything from you what you’ve got!!!

  25. I worked for a company that supplied and installed for Power. Let me start by saying these guys are true rip off artist. They state that all there crews are in house. Not true. They are installed by Midsouth Supply. All crews are subs. Materials are WAY over priced and be done for half the price with the same material. By the way, the “Today price” is illegal so maybe they should start be reported. If you want to pay a fortune for your work then by all means sign with them.

  26. My review is good but I do want to warn you about one thing.
    My husband and I sat thru the sales pitch but we already knew we were using them. Our neighbors highly recommended them and we were impressed with the windows. We were offered a good deal to finance them and the installation went smoothly. MY ONE PROBLEM: We had 20 year old Anderson crank out windows and in front of our kitchen sink we had 2 crank outs. We decided to go with the garden box window. What they neglect to mention is the wood on the bottom of the window is ALWAYS COLD in the winter. IT IS NOT A WELL INSULATED WINDOW if at all insulated on the bottom. I have also had problems with one side getting stuck when i try to open it. And now, for the second time, am calling them about this. I just came online to find their number and saw this site. Do NOT GO WITH A GARDEN WINDOW. IT ALWAYS FEELS LIKE THERE IS A DRAFT IN IT and ours is so large and deep, it makes it hard to clean.

  27. The reason your window is cold is because on a garden window you can get an insulated bottom (like on a bay or bow window). It usually cost about $100 to add. it. The reason you didnt get it is because they can save money by not adding it and they think you will never know the difference. Good luck with getting them to fix your problem… It will be a sub contractor coming out to look at it.

  28. As a former salesperson of is company, I will fully confirm Michael’s claims. They sub out their work, and they train subs to say they’re employees. If your installer happens to speak English, ask him if where he trained. I bet they won’t even know aama. (American architectural manufacturer’s association. The sales vp of Cranford, Seth, has acknowledged to me that they are ridiculously overpriced, but that’s how they can afford to pay the sales rep his commission. He also told another rep’s girlfriend that they brainwash the sales guys to believe that this is the best company in the industry so they speak with more conviction in the home. Once these reps realize they’ve been programmed to repeat the lies they were told to believe to homeowners, they “get rid of them.”

    Take a look at how many ads they have posted for jobs. Extremely high turnover rate! And anyone buying products from these scam artists, beware! Their Christmas party is a 3day cruise for each employee and a guest to the Bahamas. Cruise paid for and $200 flight paid for each employee. You may be saying to yourself…what a nice company. They treat their employees nicely. Wake up! Who do you think is paying for that? You are paying for that when you buy windows for over $660 dollars.

    Power home remodeling group. What a joke! You can buy tqhe same windows from northeast building products on aramingo ave in Philadelphia for about 300.00. They are EXaCTLY the same. nEBP calls the window the “Camelot series”. http://Www.nbpcorporation.com

    And think about it, if the window was prone to breaking, would they even offer a warranty on it? Buy the window from nebp and have a contractor install them. Thats what phrg does. Cut them out of the middle!

  29. Anthony… Your right about the Christmas cruise and I wouldnt go there and be with all of those yes men for even a day. I only wish more homeowners were aware of this company. I feel sorry for the customers that spend there hard earned money when they could have saved thousands less going with anyother company.

  30. DON’T SIGN THE CONTRACT. We did for $65k worth of work, tonight’s price only to take advantage of the discounts. Had some work done, then I tried to cancel the rest because our household income has gone down drastically. I’m worried I can’t pay our mortgage past the next 6 months. Now they have their lawyers chasing us and demanding $13k additional as a restocking fee. We ordered one of the more standard sidings, but they claim it’s special ordered. They claim everything on the order was a special order. I see the $13k as pure profit for them and we get nothing to show for it. The economy is tough and people are losing their homes everywhere. PWS doesn’t care – they want my last $13k and are willing to litigate to get it.

  31. Maybe some of you ex-employees can help me understand. Does PWS order all the siding, facia, soffit materials for a job weeks in advance and store them? If a customer were to cancel, would PWS have trouble using the materials for another customer? Our siding consisted of triple 6 and perfected shingle in saddle color. Our trim color is white.

  32. they copyed the same format and business plan from thermalguard windows
    yes ..they went out of business because of their hardline tactics

  33. That is not a special order color or product and even if they did order that material thats not special order they can return it. It is a color many people use and it will be used. What area do you live in? I could maybe help you. Let them pay there attorys… You will win in court and depending where your located it might be an open and shut case.

  34. Thanks for your help ME! We live in Southern Monmouth County, NJ. I was considering filing a complaint with the BBB, but I was worried it would lead to an arbitration I’d feel forced to accept. Good or bad course of action?

  35. Go to Midsouth Supply in Wilmington De. That is where they get the material. Ask them to put in writing or if they have a list of products they have in stock. They will. Depending on who you get they may help you furthur since Power just now starting getting material from a different distributor. Since it sounds like your problems happen a weeks ago it was when they were ordering form Midsouth. Midsouth is NOT happy that they pulled there orders with notice. Keep me posted.

  36. Our guy was very nice as well. We had an estimate scheduled for a Tuesday at 7:30PM which ended on Wednesday at 12AM!!!!!! The guy would not take NO for an answer and kept trying to get us to sign with them for the better deal he kept giving us. After 4 NO’s we had to tell him to leave. The free estimate was definately not worth the lost time. Did he think we weren’t going to get other esitmates to see if what he said was correct???? I am not happy this morning after the loss of sleep this guy gave me. My suggestion is to not even accept the free offer and move on…..

  37. What area are you located in? I can get you a better window (in many ways) installed for $450 per window. And get this…. Estimate takes 45 minutes… Let me know…

  38. I work for a home remodeling company very similar to PWS. They do Offer good quality windows no doubt. So does Anderson, but does it justify paying $800-$1,000 per window?

    No, both companies charge a hefty price for the service and quality. Not to say you aren’t getting what you paid for but you “may” be able to find a better deal somewhere else. This all comes down to getting estimates.

    I can tell you it will be VERY hard to find a company that will give you the best product for the best price, mainly because not everyone operates with honesty and integrity.

    At the company I work for Precision Exteriors we tell the truth and present things honestly. We can offer the same EXACT quality as PWS since we also buy from the same Manufacture.

    Our MOST expensive Triple Pane Low-Argon, Krypton ,Window is only $600. Lifetime warranty. Installed.

    I’ll provide anyone an estimate via email or phone.

  39. About 4 years ago we had the whole house installed with these windows and 2 years ago condensation started to occur on some of the windows. The sweat/water started to drip down the lower window tremendously. We were told that they wouldn’t do this and that was one of the reasons we decided to go with them. Some days it’s so bad that we can’t see out of the windows. I’ve been trying to get someone out to look at these because they are still under warranty but nothing. what can I do? We are concerned with the Winter fast approaching and the windows not being effecient.

  40. i feel bad for post#13 Martha May. i recently got a similar estimate for 25 windows in my home from that same company, salesman started with the $25,000 price and went down to $14,000 in about 2 minutes of me saying ” no thats too much”. i offered him $7,000 cash to do the job and he turned down my offer. lol. I was very impressed with the window presentation, the heat lamp and the 100 btu reader was cool. The windows are a good product and made in the USA so you really cant knock the product. I feel that if you can do the job for $14,000 or $15,000 and still make money then help out the people and just give them a good deal from the start. Its sick how they blow all that money on vacations and cruises for their employees like the other post stated… i would rather see ms martha rent a ferrari for 1 week with her girlfriend and have a fun time blowing that money than know some fat sales people are on a cruise drinking martinis and telling scam artist stories. GRRRRR

  41. I am very dissatisfied with my windows.They sent 3 or 4 men to install. A couple of the windows are ok,however some look like they were not profesionaly done.They used vynal siding to frame the inside of our windows ,never seen that done before.They did not screw the strips on they glued them as a result there is glue everywhere on the windows.One of the windows the strip is already coming un glued.One of the windows when it is locked you can still move the window from side to side.They did not cut the vynal to match very uneven and has gaps.They were supposed to be custom fit,but they used lots of caulking to make them fit.I am getting ready to call them back,because the strip in one room is coming unglued.Dissapointed would not recommend

  42. We bought their windows. I am upset because all the window are drafty after having them about three years. Maybe the low e or whatever they are is leaking??? We did have a savings on electric bill after install but now back to pre-install electric bill. Not happy!!!!

  43. I am curious if anyone in Georgia has any experience with Powers Windows. My husband was hired in November to start working for them. After all of the hoops that he had to jump through, paperwork that had to be filled out, and weeks of waiting, the week that he was supposed to start working he was unable to get a hold of anyone. He did a couple of “trial jobs” for them to prove his ability, and has not received any of the money he was supposed to be paid. I am curious if there is anyone else out there who has had the same experience or who knows just what is going on with them.

  44. I worked for them as a project manager and they do that to installers. They wont pay you if they dont plan on keeping you around. Thats a new area for them so they may not be fully up and running. Call there home office in Pa and talk to someone. The only way I know that some of the installers got paid was to bug the crap out of them and threaten a law suit. Good luck with that company. You will need it.

  45. Beware!!

    Alert, don’t use this company

    BEWARE, this company is a scam and should be shut down, The president should be jailed for fraud. Please don’t even let them in your door, I found out the hard way

    The good reviews are all written by people working for the company, they are so full of crap its not funny.
    The products are way overpriced and the salesman will make thousands in commission from you.

    The estimate you will get is 5 times more than it should be, and they make the price only good for that day. The one year estimate is 4 times higher than the one day price. What a racket they have going. Also, they pay for the better business reviews, don’t believe them.

  46. Power gets their windows from Northeast Building Products. You can buy then there for a couple hundred bucks and pay a GOOD carpenter 200/window and still be less than half their starting price and get a quality install

  47. My complaint is about the two young men who knocked on my door promising a free estimate. I told them I wasn’t interested right now because it would be several years before I could afford anything like this. One kept pushing and pushing. Why. Why. Finally I just said I wasn’t interested. The pushy rude one said well other people are smarter than you. You are not a very smart women. I did consider the source, however, I would never deal with this company if this is what they call a representative. I am planning to notify my civic club in the neighborhood.

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