This is How You Start New Relationships!

Not too long ago, I was in LA at a Direct Sales Conference for Women. It was the first time I had gone to a conference for my web design business and it was also the first time I had gotten a chance to meet my designers (since they live in Hawaii).

It was a pretty cool affair (despite me coming down with both a sinus and ear infection) and I met some very talented, passionate individuals out there including a very peppy and enthusiastic Stephanie Nivinskus. She’s one of those people that just gives off a good energy when she’s near ya know? So we talked a bit amongst the blaring music and all the commotion of the conference and we said that we’d definitely think about the other for various opportunities that would come down the line.

So fast forward to a week or two ago and Stephanie dropped me a line asking me for some technical help on her website, Thankfully I was able to help, and that weekend we chatted on the phone where I tried to give her some tips on the finer points of website editing and the like. Well, we ended up having a great conversation (not only about her website) but also her marketing business as well as how our businesses could help each other. And let me tell you – Having the chance to partner with people who are passionate about what they do really gets me going. (And bubbly personalities don’t hurt either)!

So then get this – A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from the aforementioned marketing professional where she asked if I had “received the chocolate yet”? I’m like, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?” So after I finished accosting the wife on the subject, I turned my attention to the UPS man and eagerly awaited the delivery. A day later I got this awesome package complete with an fantastic feel good card and 4 delicious (and I mean DELICIOUS) brownies!

Send Out Cards

And let me tell you, nothing makes me feel greater than getting compliments about what I try to do – Not the applications I make or the websites I put together, but the effort I try to put forth for everyone I work with.

So thank you Stephanie for brightening up my day and here’s to a great many projects together!
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3 thoughts on “This is How You Start New Relationships!”

  1. In the short time I’ve known you Ken, you’ve already proven that you’re insanely knowledgeable when it comes to what you do. But the reason I appreciate you so much is because you combine your professional expertise with kindness, patience and a real desire to help people. You rock! I’m glad the brownies made you happy. Chocolate is a good thing! I think chocolate should be involved in each and every business transaction forever and ever…amen.

  2. I 100% agree with this. The world would be such a better place if there was more chocolate. Every time a company hires you for a job they should be required to provide chocolate. Imagine how much happier the world would be!

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