June 22nd Update

I thought that I’d get up at 5am this morning so that I could finally get a new post on here. I’ve been really busy lately with a lot of different things and unfortunately that has meant that my blog has suffered. Unlike in the past however, I’m kinda ok with it ’cause I feel that I’m doing what I “should be doing” in order to escape the rat race.

Web Design – As many of you know, I’ve really been trying to push my web design efforts. And though the website doesn’t show it at the moment, I’ve actually been getting work in and turning out some decent stuff. I think at the moment I’m working with about 4 clients and hopefully when I close them out I’ll be able to stop for a second and redesign that website for future business.

Final Fantasy XII – If I get a free second these days, it looks like I’m using it to play Final Fantasy XII. Last check I think I was about 60 or 70 hours in and even on this second go around, it’s just so fun! And trust me, even though it’s on a previous gen console – It holds up.

My New DSLR – I don’t know that I made a big fuss about it, but I recently bought my first DSLR and I’ve been going to town with it. Mostly taking pictures of the kids but also of other stuff too. With any luck I’ll get on here at some point and tell you a little bit about it and post some pictures too.

AdSense/SEO/Affiliate Sites – One of the other things that I’ve gotten into lately is making MFA sites. To be honest, “Made For AdSense” sites leave a bad taste in my mouth because I feel there’s a connotation on them that the sites are void of quality. I’m trying to change that and in the meantime brush up on my SEO skills.

Blu-Ray – I’ve also been enjoying some Blu-Ray movies as of late. Don’t expect any reviews on here, but you may see a comment from time to time.

And that’s it for now. I’m desperately hoping I find the time later to do a proper post but I’m not holding my breath!

12 of 12 – June 2009

It looks like I’m only hitting my 12 of 12’s every other month but that’s still not too bad I figure. (#):) If you don’t know what 12 of 12 is, it was started by Chad Darnell where you take 12 pictures of your day on the 12th of every month and post them up for the world to see! If you want to see these in Gallery2 form, click here.

Just about every morning of mine starts with letting Fiyero out. You can also see my kid’s new pool for his 2nd Birthday courtesy of my friend Bubba!

This is a common look for my desk in the morning. Street Fighter wallpaper, orange juice and some code.

The company’s favourite intern Mo has come back for his 4th year or something. He’s a BIG fan of cameras too.

I went to Best Buy during my “lunch break” to try and use a coupon on my new camera that I just bought. Unfortunately, cameras only have a 14 day return policy so it was a no go. Thanks to Best Buy for letting me know that when I bought it. Geez I hate that store sometimes.

I was going to get some food so I parked my car out in Alexandria!

Since Wendy’s went out of commission, this is my favourite place to grab a bite in Old Town Alexandria. So much so that as soon as I go in, they start making my order. THAT my friends is a good feeling.

After leaving the deli, I took this picture of an intersection in Old Town.

I had to take a phone call today so I found myself outside right on the water where I took some pictures.

And THIS is where I was sitting during the phone call. (#):)

If you didn’t know, Friday is pizza night in our household. And how I could I NOT take a picture of THIS Swinging D!

Doesn’t he understand that the food goes IN his mouth?

Unfortunately, all the shots of my oldest came out blurry (2 fast, 2 furious) so you’ll have to make due with another picture of my youngest. I’m tellin’ you, it’s not too hard to get a good picture of this one!