My New Pioneer Receivers!

As I eluded to sometime ago, I’ve upped my home theater game in several different areas. The part that I did something about was my receiver.

I had been rocking the Pioneer VSX-D812-K and while it has been a “loyal friend and true” for quite sometime, not having HDMI inputs or decoding for HD audio was starting to grate on me a bit. Honestly though, I never really made up my mind to change up the receiver but while I was at Worst Buy, I happened upon a receiver that made me cock an eyebrow.

The Pioneer VSX-90TXV
So this receiver was sitting out on a table of “Manager’s Specials” and was listed at $323 I believe. Immediately, the look of it caught my eye as do most of the receivers in the Pioneer Elite lineup. And of course being me the first thing I do is turn it around so I can drool over the connections in the back. Certainly it puts my old receiver to shame but I still had enough restraint to do some research that night at home to check out what it decodes and what it can do. I won’t hit them all up here, but if you’re curious click the link to go to Pioneer’s VSX-90TXV stats.

Pioneer VSX-90TXV

Fast forward to the next day and I went back to Best Buy and basically fought off another customer to get the receiver. Needless to say, I was grinning from ear to ear thinking I got something that looked really attractive and was indeed really special. That is… UNTIL I hooked my stuff up to it including my 360 and projector… How about – I COULDN’T GET ANY SOUND OUT OF THE RECEIVER. What gives you may ask? Well after many many minutes of research on the big G and forums I found out that if this receiver doesn’t pull audio for HDMI connections, it just passes it through (to say your TV).

I found this out and was just ticked off. What’s the point of having a receiver with HDMI connections if it can’t parse the audio!? The manual says that if you want digital audio, you have to make ANOTHER connection using an optical cord or something… AND SO I needed to find a new receiver.

Enter the Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K!
Over on the AVS Forums, I found out that people who didn’t especially like the 90-TXV went over to the Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K. Sure it doesn’t look AS nice, but the features are really spectacular for its price point. (And I think I managed to snag it at $4-$500 w/ an employee discount). Again, hit the jump to check out all the VSX-1018AH-K specs but some highlights are HD Audio decoding, HDMI connections, and *drumroll* video upconversion!!! That last one is huge because I wasn’t feeling running tons of cables to my projector so being able to put everything through on ONE HDMI cord was pretty choice.

Pioneer VSX-1018-AH-K

Since hooking things up, I’ve been very happy with the receiver. Things look just great on it and sound even better. Unfortunately, I didn’t take in to account the fact that I live in a townhouse with slotted stairs… Yeah you guessed it, the sound just travels throughout the whole place COMPLETELY unabated. So.. If the wife is sleeping, I can’t crank it too much, but even when it’s on a little it sounds FAB U LOUS.

11 thoughts on “My New Pioneer Receivers!”

  1. @Tim – Funny you mention that because the only speaker I have never upgraded is my center! I’m still using the same one from my original HTIB system back from when I was in High School! (Or maybe even further back than that.)

    @Pete – Well remember, I have the second one now. Def not as nice looking. But yeah, thanks for the props – I’m def enjoying it. (#):)

  2. Those are some nice looking speakers! LOL about the slotted stairs. I hope you have some nice headphones to listen at your own level without disturbing your wife (or neighbors)! 🙂

  3. Sweet new toy, my friend. When’s the party? 🙂

    “And of course being me the first thing I do is turn it around so I can drool over the connections in the back.”

    One question: Does it have a WordPress plugin? LOL 😛

  4. @Aaron – That made me laugh. ha ha ha

    @Pete – Dude, I already catch it enough from my friends for my regular assortment of shananigans. If I tried THAT, it’d be over. (#):)

  5. Awesome! after painstaking research, this does look like my #1 choice too. Nice receiver. I just wish manufacturers put HD radio in instead of sirius or xm. the usb connection is just awesome – and I don’t need to spend another $100 for an external module that just does Ipod (like every other manufacturer does)!

  6. @Beth – You should be. (#):)

    @Jim – Hm, HD radio WOULD have been nice. Personally I have an XM subscription but there is really NO CHANCE that I’m going to buy ANOTHER receiver so I can listen to it at home. If I’m going to be listening to something @ mi casa, it’s going to be the sweet sounds of my XBOx 360. No doubt. (#):)

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