Dart Mackel says Hello!

As the three of you who read this blog may know, my wife has been pregnant for the last 9 months with our second son. Well on a certain Wednesday in Sept (Happy Belated again Christine!), Dart was born at a healthy 8 pounds and 6 oz!

This time around, the wife was induced because the doctors concluded that if she had waited another week or two for nature to take its course, Dart would’ve been big enough that certain complications might arise. But labor went well (even if way longer than our first time) and at 5:14pm Dart came into the world!

Since then, things have been really good. He’s currently waking up only twice during the night to eat, and I think that’s pretty good right? My wife in the meantime is really trying to quickly get him on a sleeping schedule like she did with our first son but things are still quite manageable right now. And our first son Little Mac has seemingly taken a liking to his new brother, petting him affectionately like a dog. haha And before the questions start springing up – I’m trying to make Dart our LAST kid. I think the wife really wants to go for another in hopes that we’ll get a girl but I’m desperately trying to stay out of that trap. (#):)

The Hot Fire Quick Update

Hopefully I said it before (though I doubt that I did) that right about now I would be mad busy. It turns out, I am in fact MAD BUSY. As such I just wanted to throw out the quickest and fastest update I could and hopefully soon I’ll get a chance to expand on everything.

Are you ready?

*deep breath*

  • I packed up and moved to the new house in the span of 2 days.
  • The wife who is super pregnant look like she’ll be getting induced for our 2nd kid on the 17th of this month.
  • We are trying to get everything out of the moving boxes before new kid comes. We’ve been to Ikea a million times, and Home Depot a million and two times.
  • Drove up to PA recently to buy a projector for new home theater.
  • Bought another projector on Home Depot
  • Building a home theater enclosure in basement requiring newly found drywalling and wood working skills.
  • Bought a new Pioneer Elite receiver at a fantastic price
  • I’m building new furniture everyday.
  • Upping my home theater game trying to figure out how to do a DIY projector home theater in a (probably) too small space.
  • New house adds probably an hour to my already long commute.
  • Redskins look exactly how I thought they would look. (Not horny for Zorny).
  • Bought a camera from woot.
  • Need to sell the camera on eBay
  • Did as 12 of 12 in Oct… Still trying to find time to post it.
  • avsforum.com and monoprice.com are great sites.

That’s it for now. Hope all of you kids are well.