I Love the Shylock AdSense Plugin

I really should have my WP plugins listed somewhere on my site (for all eternity) but seriously – I already have enough tabs at the top don’t I?

Maybe I’ll lump it into my About tab at some point, but until then I thought I’d share one of my favourite wordpress plugins – the Shylock AdSense plugin!

This is one plugin that has been serving me well for quite sometime now and I think it could do you kids a world of good too.

Why I Love the Shylock AdSense Plugin
Not too long ago, I was looking for a plugin to manage my AdSense ads. A lot of you were nice enough to recommend some, but on the whole I found them to either be a bit too simple for my purposes or a bit too unwieldy. So after a bit of searching on my own, I found the Shylock AdSense plugin.

Shylock AdSense

In a nutshell, it allows you to easily put AdSense code into your posts and to have different code bases for various situations such as individual posts, main page or other situations like that. And of course you get to configure how you want these ads to be positioned and it really is easy as pie to setup – But this isn’t why I love this plugin.

Shylock AdSense

Imho, the best part about the Shylock AdSense plugin is the ability to not have to use AdSense code. “Say what?” That’s right, you don’t have to use AdSense code with the plugin. For instance, you’ll notice that my 300×250 AdSense block has been replaced by an ad for Dual Monitor Babes. Not AdSense, but still taken care of through the Shylock plugin. Oh, and another thing you’ll notice is that the 300×250 ad cycles through 6 various ads how is that accomplished? I did it through a bit of JavaScript I put in the plugin’s option setting.

Final Thoughts on Shylock
This is just a great plugin. At this point, I don’t really hang my hat on my AdSense earnings, but I know some of you do. And with Shylock’s aggressive AdSense options, you might want to give it a look, especially to optimize some of your older posts.

8 thoughts on “I Love the Shylock AdSense Plugin”

  1. In all my searching for good plugins, I’ve never come across this one. The adsense plugin I’m using right now isn’t customizable enough.

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll go check it out right now.

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