Fixing Up – Bush Mackel (Part 1)

If you’re just joining us, welcome to my personal crusade to get my act together and get serious about a bunch of my projects that have yet to see what I’ll call “success”.

That said, I haven’t actually defined what “success” is for these projects but today, as we start looking at each of them in depth and one by one, I’ll tell you what I’ll define their “success” to be.

Because I’m a big believer that if you don’t know where you want to, you don’t have a good chance in making it there.

So what is this Bush
The short answer is, this site. The longer answer is my technology and blogging blog where I cater the content to my techy side, and to all you crazy cats out there who share similar interests.

Originally, this site was my personal site. I published poems, art work, applications that I made and a gaggle of other things. But after a while, it became a pain trying to archive my previous updates to the site so on a whim I installed WordPress… A couple hours later I found out that I was a blogger.

The Early Days
When I first started blogging, I really didn’t “know what I was doing” but I was instantly enamored with how easily and quickly I could update the site. At that time, I was still blogging Bush Mackel as my own personal site, which means I was writing stuff that was really all over the place…

My trip to San Diego and Mexico, my Man Crush on Steve Nash.. you get the gist. But around that time I “met” Pete Cullen who would come to be my first real friend in the blogosphere and that really changed everything for me in terms of how I viewed my website…

Where I had once seen this site as a way to just “get things off my chest”, it had suddenly become an avenue to meet new people with similar interests, who could have intelligent conversations and wouldn’t try to get me to their XXX sites *ahem myspace*. In previous lives, I have flocked to jobs of customer service… Blockbuster manager, Best Buy employee, Ledo’s server… All because I LOVE engaging people. Now please understand me, I’m not one of those odd people who you wish would disappear after a minute of me opening their mouths… I just love meeting new people and having a good time! This is probably why I quickly became smitten with blogging.

The Business of Blogging
After a little time learning the ins and outs of blogging, I started to realize that this was something that you could get paid to do! And if you take a step back from that, at the very least make a few extra side dollars. It was after this realization that I started getting into the more technical sides of blogging… Increasing revenue, attracting subscribers and all the like… And apart from so many other things I currently do, I truly enjoy blogging. So if I can, why not make some money at the same time? Which brings us to where I am now.

“Tomorrow” we’ll continue breaking down this site by analyzing the current state of, looking at where I would like this site to go, and also defining what “success” for this site will be.

12 thoughts on “Fixing Up – Bush Mackel (Part 1)”

  1. Hey, Bush. Thanks for stopping by the new blog! You got a sneak peak – it officially launches Monday!

    Interesting post here. I went through a similar evolution when I first got started at Little Red Suit. What’s great about blogging is that it lets you sort things out along the way. You learn so much through doing. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Look forward to the rest of this series!

  2. Well Bush, I am an avid reader of you site in it’s current wave. I think you have crafted something people really like.

    I really think you will eventually earn a substantial amount online and I hope I can reach that one day too!

    Content is the most important thing and I always find you have that.

    PS. When will you be doing the monthly earnings roundup?

  3. @Forest – I appreciate the kind words my friend! And I’m sure that we’re both going to get “there” soon. (#):) And good to know that you’re itchin’ for the monthly earnings roundup! It’ll be up in the next 24 hours. Scouts honor!

    Oh wait…

  4. It’s nice that you can get paid doing something you love. I was going to wait until late spring/summer to hire a writer for one of my websites but I’m seriously thinking about doing that at the beginning of the new year. Also Vegan Momma will be getting an overhaul. I’m always learning and doing my best to make improvements.

  5. @Opal T – It IS a great thing. But then when you start taking it seriously, there are those days when you feel a little bit guilty trying to get paid. *nod*

    And an overhaul for Vegan Momma? Ooo. What’s that gonna entail?

  6. I know what you are feeling I’ve been there myself. Look at it this way you provide a valuable service to your readers. You put a lot of time not only within your website but also by visiting others. Why shouldn’t you receive compensation for it?

    Vegan Momma is moving to more of a newspaper type feel things will be broken on the page into categories. I guess it won’t matter much if you read via RSS reader, lol.

    You can blame Brown Baron for that one. He featured a WP newspaper theme. I really liked it however I want it heavily customized. Normally I would tackle myself but I think I’ll hire a designer. I’ll be making the change sometime in February.

    Alright so it’s not all BB’s fault. I’ve been wanting to do it for quite a while. 😉

  7. @Opal T – …No. It’s Brown’s fault. ha ha. Curse him for always showing off those “magazine themes”. They are VERY enticing aren’t they? Well GL with the overhaul, I’m sure everyone is eager to see what becomes of your site!

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