iContact Review

A lot of us bloggers are serious about what we do. As such, we treat our blogs like our business and need tools to help our business run effortlessly, smoothly, and professionally.

iContact is a website (and probably more to the point) a set of tools that gives webmasters and business professionals the ability to easily take care of common marketing tasks such as newsletters and mass e-mailings.

First Impressions
As I start with most of my reviews, I had to take a look at the website. Most of the sites I’ve been reviewing lately have that “fresh and clean” look and iContact Email Marketing Software is no exception.

Everything that you want to find in regards to the product is right at the top, so finding what you need is a breeze.

Features That You’ll Smile About
Depending on your level of computer proficiency, you may find some of their tools beneath you, but for regular business folk who are still getting up to speed with computers and the net, a lot of these are sure to peak their interest. Check out a few of them:

* WYSIWYG Newsletter Editor
* Mass E-Mailings take the load off of YOUR server!
* Contact Management System and Follow-up System
* Make surveys, web signup forms and more…

Is This Right for You?
If you’re a business professional who does a lot of salesperson like tasks, I could see iContact being gold. Especially considering you can use it for as little as $9.99 per month and you have the ability to access it from any computer. For others, you may not immediately see the need for something like iContact but then again, sometimes you need a set of tools to remind you that you should be reaching out to customers (and not just the first time) but months down the line. Sure, with a little elbow grease and knno how, a few of us could create a set of tools like iContact Email Marketing Software for personal use, but as they say – “Time is Money” and it looks like iContact could’ve already put in all the time for us. *nod*

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  1. @Thomas – You may want to verify that the code that was “given” to your client, did indeed come from iContact. The existing signup form code options allows for your choice of javascript or standard HTML versions. I am assuming that your client opted for the HTML version, which is easily manipulated to meet the form-fit and functional characteristics of your client’s website/application. Our standard Signup Forms are not wrapped in any type of anchor, nor are the subscribers forwarded to a page with a submit image. When subscriber click on the submit button to authorize their subscription, they are forwarded to a success landing page of the Client’s choosing. I would suggest signing up for a FREE 15-day Trial of our product, and verify for yourself how our signup forms truly function, and also check out some of our various features and services included as part of all subscription packages: BLOGs, Newsletter Archives, Surveys, List Organization, List Segmentation, Custom Fields, Auto-Responders, Full Statistical Tracking of Published Content, Campaign Management, Signup Form Management, Viral Marketing Tools (Forward-to-a-Friend), Image Library, RSS Feeds, and especially our newest product enhancement, the iContact Community (http://Community.iContact.com).

  2. Hi – I use iContact for one of my client sites, and to be honest – although there is a lot I can say that is good, I wish I had gone for a different provider. I have had one problem since starting to use their service that will not go away. It’s complicated, but put simply, sometimes, the system refuses to send a confirmation message out to people who sign up for the newsletter. This means I have to manually monitor the list and manually invite each person so affected. I have contacted iContact lots of times, but they do nothing to address the problem. They say they will escalate it, but never do.

    What is worse is that they seem to staffed by a bunch of people who have been trained to say stock phrases, rather than actually think. I despair – I am on the point of tearing my hair out. It does not matter what you say to them they just repeat the same answer. It is like they don’t know how to problem solve – like they are aliens from another planet where they think a customer is happy if you manage to get rid of him without addressing his problem. I end up having to make suggestions to them on what could be wrong with their software.

    I am thinking of moving to another provider before our list grows any bigger, but I am afraid the next lot will be worse.

  3. Hey Liz,
    In case, you check back try Constant Contact they have a free version so you can try it out to see whether you like it. This is the software I used in the corporate and nonprofit setting, and with my own business. In the corporate setting we used the paid version and the non profit we used the free version. I never had an issue, and our list (for corporate and my business) had/have hundreds of subscribers. http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp

  4. @Liz –

    It is like they don’t know how to problem solve – like they are aliens from another planet where they think a customer is happy if you manage to get rid of him without addressing his problem.

    Wow. Well first, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having so many problems with iContact. I’m not apologizing of course because I’m in anyway affiliated with the company, but just because from your comment, I can feel your anguish.

    So is that the only complaint you’ve had with the service? (Just curious)

  5. Look Bush – I don’t have anything against aliens from another planet, I used the term to mean – it’s like they operate via a set of rules with which I am not familiar.

    I can’t believe I am not a typical customer – although I do have a very technical background and worked in customer support myself for a few years, I can’t be the only one who can code a form without having to point and click to do it.

    When I was in support, my experience of how we dealt with software problems was completely different. We took them seriously and fixed them. When I call iContact I have to re-explain the problem each time, and each time I am asked to send in the urls of the page where my signup forms are. What have I learned? I’ve learned that a) the problem has not been fixed (it keeps happening)
    b) The support person does not have or does not read the history of my calls or they would not repeatedly ask me for the same information
    c) Their escalation people do not have a telephone (that is a direct quote from iContact) so I can’t *ever* speak to someone with any real knowledge of the software as they have told me I cannot be put through
    d) I did once get through to real support via email, and they said the problem would not happen again, but it did a couple of days later, and continues until now.
    e) The level of my frustration is such that I rant about it on my blog and now, here I am doing it in public again.

    iContact do have some good features – many actually – which is why when I evaluated a number of service providers, I chose them. But this issue of customer service not having the tenacity to come back and actually deal with a problem, is utterly frustrating. It is like they are reading a script and if the problem means they have to deviate from the script, their support DNA prevents them.

    It’s like they suddenly lose the power of reason.

    I have just been told the problem has been escalated again. That was after I emailed to say I had heard nothing for days (meanwhile people sit in my list unconfirmed, because if I manually confirm them, I destroy the evidence of the problem). So why are they not in a hurry to resolve it? Why do I hear nothing for days and then when I email am told she will now escalate. That means she sat on it for days doing nothing. Then she asks me why I email her directly instead of the general support email address – don’t I realise she may be out of the office? Oh my god! It’s because I AM DESPERATE NOT TO HAVE TO REPEAT MYSELF TO YET ANOTHER CARDBOARD CUT-OUT SUPPORT PERSON. Am I making myself clear yet???

  6. @Liz – When I said “Wow” in my previous comment, I should’ve added ha ha ha ’cause you really had me laughing with that alien statement of yours. That’s not to say that I don’t understand what you’re saying ’cause I certainly do. And I also think that these things are worse when you yourself come from a customer service background (as I have) because you know problems like these shouldn’t be a lasting as apparently yours is.

    I can only hope someone from iContact sees this and does something about it, but hearing your experiences, it sounds like that’s a desperate hope. (#):(

  7. Icontact sucks. I honestly find it hard to believe they are a million dollar company and yet manufacture such a mediocre product with terrible customer support. I heard all the hype on tv and gave it a shot– my goodness, I was bamboozled and taken for a fool. Take this as a warning– you get what you pay for >:(

  8. Just to update you all. I am now with aweber in general, but still have one account to move away from iContact. And the reasons why I can’t move away form them easily are tied up n their incompetence. The previous commenter (Peter) is correct. They totally suck. At best their support staff are sympathetic, at worst moronic. As my mum says, sympathy without help, is no help at all.

  9. @Peter – Yikes! I wonder if there’s anyone out there who actually LIKED their services.

    @Liz – I hate it when that happens… When you’re basically held for hostage because customer support sucks so much you can’t get them to let you go. (#):(

  10. @Bush – Well, I’m not with iContact any more but while I was there, I was working on user experience and graphic design. I have to say I wish I’d had these comments while I was there because I really could have helped. But that era is well past for me. I’ll make sure someone over there sees it, but it looks like they already have. James Wong was a CSR when I was there but I believe he’s moved over to marketing since then.

    @James – Your comment is correct. iContact added standards compliant HTML just as I was leaving (so roughly last September).

    @Thomas – When that feature request was originally submitted, it had my name on it. I got so tired of fixing that invalid, nested table, mess of HTML I literally got on the floor of the lead developer’s office and begged. Just sayin’….

    @ALL – Anybody that wants to talk can email me: alan-NOSPAM-underwood@gmail.com. Obviously remove the bit you’re supposed to remove.

    But since I don’t work there anymore, all I can really do is let you vent, but I’m _really_ curious to hear people’s experiences with the current product and the community features they’ve added.

  11. Hi guys. I have to let you know I went with Icontact b/c I really liked the demo of how their email marketing interface worked… but since having bought it I want to WARN EVERYONE that if you have a serious reason for using this type of software(for me it’s my music career and a fan list that I need to stay in touch with) .. DO NOT get Icontact and here is why.
    1. Their tech support/customer support are RUDE and Clueless individuals who do not even know how the software is supposed to work.
    2. The very reason you get something like Icontact is for tracking capability right? Well after having purchased the full account I have sent out 11 emails and in all 11 emails, their tracking is less than 10% good in it’s data…. so I have NO IDEA if the other 90% have even gotten my emails, read them or what…. you can imagine that the very reason you pay for such software is for tracking purposes, anyone can send out an HTML Email manually by themselves…..

    just my 2 cents..
    if anyone knows any other online marketing email software that actually works, please let me know!

  12. Having read all of the bad reviews about iContact, can anyone recommend a good email marketing service for a nonprofit organization? User base is around 2500 people and event emails are sent out about twice a year.

  13. After reading a lot of postings across the Internet I was just about to go ahead and sign-up with iContact.

    However, after readin gthe above, it sounds like that is a bad idea. Of most concern is that they only allow a 15 day trial, which is pretty short compared with Constant Contacts 60 days.

    I’ll continue my quest and thnaks to everyone that posted for the info . . .

    PS – Nothing is worse (and less excuseable) in todays business world than bad customer support!!!!

  14. WARNING: Do not join iContact.

    1. Very unfriendly customer service.

    2. If you go over the 100k the next quote they give you is almost double the cost per email.

    3. I was told I should have two accounts as they would give a price better than what they have posted on their site.

  15. Interesting…I’m currently shopping around for a new e-mail vendor, and I decided to test iContact using their free account. I sent emails to five email addresses ten minutes ago, but none have received the test email.

  16. It’s a shame that the strongly negative opinions (which I fully share) about this company aren’t reflected in the reviewer’s prominent review.

    I figured out how to make their website work to get my contacts in – and they wouldn’t even comp me. I spent hours, and hours. I spoke only with increasingly defensive people who knew less about their product and how it functions than did I.

    For instance, there’s a bug (they know about) that prohibits importing vcards. THEN WHY NOT POST THAT ON THE WEBSITE, IDIOTS?

    I spent about an hour trying to import them. Tech support? Spare me. Even when I documented problems, I got no response.

    I could go on and on and on….but I’ll say Mr. Mackel that if you’re going to strongly endorse a technology, you should rigorously test it.


  17. I just wanted to report that finally, I am moving the last icontact account to aweber. I have to re-opt everyone in because icontact’s rubbish opt in system has a serious bug. But now I don’t care. They are gone from my life.

  18. Thought I would let you know that I was with SmartAutoresponder.com
    I loved the system, but couldn’t track click-throughs or ‘opened’, but I could send out as many emails as I wanted to as many people with different opt-in lists etc as you could dream of for a low price….
    Yes, the BUT is coming.
    Just before Christmas they had a system crash and lost the lot… Contacts, forms, autoresponder messages etc. and still billed me!
    I complained, they refunded, and couldn’t be bothered to let me know how long the problem would take to fix, or whether they could fix it, for another week. Then, they said, we have partially fixed it, but you will have to reload everything.
    I’m thinking, no way, got a refund, and sent an email to say what are you going to do to prevent this reoccurrence, as I might come back. No answer and still no answer and now it is Feb 2009. So, I went in and downloaded the little that was recovered, (lost the last 3 years worth of contact data) and deleted everything and sent another email to close the account.
    Enter some research into which one to go with, and finally settled on GetResponse.com
    Ugghhhhh!!! They say they do forms… no they don’t, you are limited to one extra field, you cannot have a multivariable response, there system is complicated, time consuming, and the number of questions in the email forum shows that their manuals are lousy.
    Last night I went to add a test email address, and the caption said, Remaining Subscribers 50. Huh?? Still have not been able to find out if you can only manually add 50 contacts.
    Please let me know if there is a decent autoresponder system that doesn’t limit the number of emails, or charge the earth for the ones you send, plus can have forms (with different fields as well as the ability to select one or two options from a menu), oh, and doesn’t limit the size of attachments either.

  19. Stay away from iContact at all costs. Their support is half assed. They will shut you down for any minor reason. I sent 20k emails, got 30 complaints from aol and they shut me down. I like the tool but the company needs to get it together. Buyer beware.

  20. All, if you are interested in good service, you might want to try Contactology. We provide you with a dedicated account manager, so you can speak to the same person each time you call. As a smaller company, we emphasize good service, so you never go into a call queue. And of course, we offer powerful features that exceed those of many competitors. The site is at http://www.contactology.com.

  21. iContact does not work. I tried uploading image to the image manager and it kept giving me error saying its not a JPEG image even though it was a JPEG image. There support guy said I should use Firefox and not Internet Explorer. I asked them to cancel my account and they charged me 14 dollars even when I did not use their service at all. They are into cheating customers and use their terms and conditions as a safety net. Nobody should ever use them.

  22. @Alex – That IS nit-picky! But you know what, I’m always trying to better myself so I’ll tuck that one away. (#):)

    @Manish – “Nobody should ever use them”. You know, I’m hearing that a lot.

  23. I thought icontact was great for the first year. We sent ONE email blast each month to 40,000 email addresses on their $379/month plan. Out of the blue they notified us that we were spamming (which we were not), shut out account off, and said they’d work with us for an additional $1200 a month and would turn our account back on. I think this is a case for the BBB to look into. Its been a long time since Ive been this mad, so I’d say if you want to get upset, get an account with icontact.com and enjoy yourself.

  24. @Rob – Thanks Rob but DAMN! Obviously I don’t know all the details of your story but I mean… Why did they say or think you were sending SPAM? Did they say someone reported it as such?

  25. Here’s one for ya. If you happen to stop using them and change credit card numbers. They try and make you pay for the service as if you entered into a contract with them. Under terms of the license agreement you have to go through their special process to quit. As if anyone reads those things. All I’m saying is what kind of modern company does that? IF you make it easy for someone to sign up then it should be easy to quit. Why spend all this money trying to squeeze a customer… These people are really poor business people.

  26. Thanks for the great review points on iContact. We just submitted our company RatePoint for you to review. RatePoint’s easy-to-use, Web-based communication services include feedback tools, email marketing, survey and dispute resolution capabilities to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the ability to collect, manage and promote customer feedback directly. Would love to hear your feedback.

  27. Is anyone having problems with iContact not being able to deliver emails to yahoo accounts? iContact told me a story that it was because of new iContact servers not coordinating with Yahoo. I have resent a new email blast and 99% of yahoo emails “bounced”. I am sure that eventually thes names will automatically be removed from iContact database after 5 bounces. Then I will have lost customers who want to receive our communications. Any ideas, comments, experiences, thoughts?

  28. Wow – I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. I am looking for a provider and was quite close to signing up with these guys but will try out the other links suggested.

    My main surprise is that iContact themselves have not come into this thread and done a bit of a PR work.

    Thanks everyone!

  29. I reviewed several EMSP’s for clients and decided that iContact was one of the easiest to use, with powerful deliverability.

    However, they DO shut folks down at the drop of a pin, and then fail to get back to them when they try to close the account – resulting in months of bills for an account that’s not active anyway . . . very bad business practice.

  30. I am quite computer-proficient and have found iContact to be anything but user-friendly and easy to use. Once you manage to work your way through it a few times, it is OK, but it still has some shortcomings and leaves out some features that I think any good email service should provide. Customer service is spotty: sometimes you get answer and other times you get an excuse or are told “that’s the way it is.” I also had one incident where they claimed to have sent my message to my contacts, but I verified maybe 60% were not sent. This wasn’t deliberate – some kind of system error happened, and their system could not detect that the messages were not sent. I also had problems with them not returning phone calls and slow system response. Overall, their performance makes me feel like they started business last week and are learning as they go.

  31. I signed up to use for sending to my 900 past clients rather than continue using MS Outlook. Thought I would save time. They “flagged” me for potential spam, sent email asking me questions, I responded within an hour, no response to support requests for 2 days, no response to request for refund. FRAUD, do not use.

  32. @Bill in LA – Thanks for the comments Bill. As you can see from this post, your complaints are right in the middle of what everyone else has experienced. But just because their customer service and procedure is terrible, I’m not sure that makes them FRAUD. (Jus sayin’) But then again, if they say “You can e-mail 900 clients” and then you can’t… That’s a little fraudy. (#);)

  33. @Bush – I really can’t believe this thread is still alive and still top ranked for “iContact sucks” …

    Three years after I left iContact, I still get email from people desperate for help with iContact, and while I unfailingly answer them, it makes me kind of sad. I loved that company while I worked there, and I really wish that they had done better by their customers.

    I just wanted to say that my offer is very much still open: alanunderwood at gmail dot com. I answer my email promptly and I do still talk to iContact executives (although I probably won’t contact them about these issues, just to say up front).

  34. @Alan – Ha ha, I really can’t believe this thread is still alive and still top ranked either! I just checked my Analytics stats and it accounts for nearly 10% of all my traffic on this blog. Crazy huh? What’s even crazier is that this a 3 year thread!? I didn’t even notice until now. Boy how time flies.

    And kudos to you for still answering iContact e-mail. I’ve been in similar spots where I feel.. Responsible, or guilty in regards to customer service issues w/ companies I’ve worked at in the past… Where they don’t do what they should in assisting their customers and you know that you might be the only one who actually gives a damn.

    Hopefully you’re getting a LITTLE bit of satisfaction helping these ppl out in any small way that you can. (#):)

  35. They lie and say the open rates are higher then they really are. By telling clients the higher open rate the clients continue to send more email and then if they go somewhere else the comparison is horrible… Icontact lies.

  36. I’ve been an iContact customer for about a year and am getting ready to jump ship. I agree COMPLETELY with Lizthat they are filled with stock phrases and don’t know how to solve problems on their ends. I more often than not end up figuring out some bizarre work around on my end after they tell me they’ve “run some tests they determine it’s not their problem. I’ll have to look at aweber. I’m also looknig at mailchimp, exxact target and some others. I’m not a big fan of Constant Contact. I am really relieved to see that I am not the only one who thinks their customer service sucks – as does their product.

  37. It’s good to read all the comments. Our company has been using Bronto and it does the job, but we’re looking to make a switch because of lack of customer service and difficulty in changing templates. We were all set to go with iContact, but now I don’t know. Anyone out there highly recommend another option?

  38. Don’t use iContact. After using them for a year, they stopped a limited email blast to our established customer on legal changes for 2011. They questioned if we were spamming our established customer who has all opted in. This was 2 days before New Years. They closed for a long New Year’s weekend without responding to the documentation we supplied them. They have damaged our company. iContact is to big to care about small businesses. Avoid them.

  39. The real problem with Icontact is that they freeze your account all the time for spam. For example… We sent to 20,000 and had 54 people… .003 click the spam button on their email client. This froze our account.

    This is with the required unsubscribe and all on every email. Not one complaint was submitted on this same email to over 20,000.

    Think twice about Icontact… We are stuck for now…

  40. I was going to purchase the subscription and was really excited about the price, now I’m really glad that I read all these reviews. Could you please suggest program or website for spam e-mail deliveries? I was thinking about http://www.listbox.com, but wasn’t able to find any reviews on the internet.

  41. I have used IContact for 10 years almost. I have a list of 43,000 people. All customers that have subscribed in the last 10 years. 11 people out of 43,000. . . 11 hit the conveniently placed SPAM button on AOL or Yahoo instead of opening up the e-mail and hitting the unsubscribe button and now they have frozen my account. 11 out of 43,000. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? I am finding a new e-mail server fast and hope everyone else does to. With service like that I hope the go out of business soon.

  42. I thought I was happy with iContact until I inspected my billing invoices over a 3 year period. I have evidently overpaid $141 in one year, and will not allow a downgrade to less subscribers even though my new subscription was just 3 weeks in. I don’t believe I actually upgraded, but rather that it was done automatically. I was told very different policies by two different people within 2 days. the most recent being: “We are a no-refund company.” I will be switching to another vendor as soon as this subscription period ends. Not at all happy with icontact billing and disclosure policies.

  43. A friend suggested I use IContact to send out the personal announcement of my poetry reading. I could do it using my e-mail client, but I made mistake and listened to my friend. I used the e-mail addresses in my inbox. Still, about 1 in hundred recipients clicked the spam button. IContact froze my account which I wasn’t planning to use anytime soon, if ever. I got an e-mail from them. Now I’m concerned that they know my address. Frankly, I should have been smarter than this.

  44. I really appreciate the feedback on iContact in the comments. I was thinking about trying the new FREE iContact account, but FREE isn’t much good if they’re freezing legitimate accounts all of the time. CoolerEmail.com has a 60 day trial I am going to try. They seem reasonably priced after the trial, and I’ve already made 1 tech support call (reached tech support, not “sales”) to ask questions about integrating an RSS feed. They were helpful and knowledgeable so hopefully this bodes well.

  45. I’m a current employee at iContact and would like to offer up a little more info regarding the most recent posts here. Hopefully this can help with the challenges some of you have experienced! When disabling an account for Spam complaints, a lot of variables come into play…the email provider that the contact is using, the type of complaint (Spam button vs. manual complaint emailed to us), and the number of complaints over a certain period of time. Some Email providers require that we take certain steps regarding complaints in order to maintain good relations with them. These are necessary in order to ensure OUR future deliverability of ALL customer messages. We also have easy steps that can be taken in order to quickly re-enable an account if it’s been disabled due to Spam complaints. If you log into your account and contact our Support team, we can give you more personalized recommendations. We’re very open to feedback and will look to continuously improve our services in order to better meet your needs.

  46. My advise is to find another third party service that has lots and lots of SMTP SERVER.

    I contact is soo strict. Why, because they only have an handful of SMTP server. WE pay you for an SMTP server, and lots of it. They are BAD for your EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN. Doesnt get the job done!

  47. I have used iContact for about 3 years now. It has become so dis-functional that now it even crashes and wastes all my work. I am switching to something else once I have a moment of free time in my business. This is a waste of time. icontact, you are not listening. There are so many things wrong from database management and manipulations/organization to your editor tools. It’s getting extremely ridiculous. It crashes!

  48. icontact is a horrible service. They have next to no security which opens up your contacts to spam delivered from them with your name on it – so much for email marketing campaign. HORRIBLE SERVICE.

  49. They are scammers, I pay $300 dollars and I never could use my service.
    A message appear about icontact wanting to contact me, they never contact me and when I try to contact them they never answer.
    I ask for a refund, and guess what? They never answer me.

  50. Icontact is a horrible service. Our list of 20000 was frozen due to 70 complaints. This list had been mailed to many times over the previous two years. They then removed all aol, yahoo, microsoft, and comcast addresses from the list requiring them to re-opt in. These were all addresses of customers. They would “allow” me only one email to complete the re opt in process. Only addresses that re opt in from one email could be unfrozen the rest permanently removed. I am losing over 7000 addresses from a 20000 list because of 70 complaints. It would seem reasonable to me to remove the complainers not all addresses that come from the same domain as the complainers. Can anyone suggest a new provider? Stay away from iContact don’t get stuck there like I did.

  51. wow, worst ever! I tried to sign up and their server said there was a glitch and to resign up. I tried and it said I could not use the email address because it was taken. I called and they acknowledge their sign up process has glitches every so often told me that they couldn’t delete the email address out. It would take too much of their time to search for the email address and delete it out even though it’s a problem on their end. They said I would have to go out and get anew email address and try to sign up again. I told them my customers won’t recognize my new email address and that would cause more spam reports etc.
    Their solution was I just had to get a new email address.

    Of course after I get a lot of SPAM complaints which would be their fault to start with by forcing me to get a new email address, they would probably freeze the account.

    Not a good company to get involved with.

  52. I wanted to know if anyone knows if icontact has the option of inserting the “click to view full story” link. I currently use constant contact and it does not have that link, I find it very annoying.

  53. @Jackie,

    This is possible with any email service so long as the full article is on a independent web page. If you do not have an independent page on your own website, then you could accomplish this with iContact using two messages and the publish social archive link. After you’ve published the original newsletter to the archive, you can then link to it from a secondary message (send the first one to a test list of yourself, link the second to the original…second is summarized version). It’s not incredibly efficient, but nonetheless it is possible.

  54. This week I started the iContact Free Trial, spent some hours getting my email ready, and then they refused my email list – one that is completely clean and consists of contact that I have been dealing with for 4 years. They were rude smarmy about it. “Please prove to me this person let’s you send them email”. This is utterly unacceptable behaviour. If they have a peculiar standard for an email list, then they should test it up front and not waste our time

    I talked to two other services – ranked in the top 3, and they had no problem with the list at all. I’m now using one and their software is in fact slightly better.

    The iContact folks are a joke unless you meet some unknown purity specs.

  55. I have been using iContact for three years now, and I can attest to the poor quality. The only reason I continue using it is because I have become accustomed to the interface and have a photo library stored there. There are weird quirks in the program that IT insists they can’t replicate, and they frequently have problems with their servers that delay delivery.

    I used Constant Contact for a few months because they have an event management component, and I never once experienced any problems.

  56. Export my database clients (that I have for years!!) to icontact – sent 1 email. Result: all yahoo emails icontact sent them to DO NOT CONTACT and NEED RESUBSMISSION … Pending Confirmation to be more exact … And it’s half of my list (many thousands …)
    I have sent email to them like they said and verified this – few answered and some emails I have testedd entered to spam (they said because of few text).
    After that – anything I have asked – 0 support !! but the money entered in their accounts for many months and still no answer to my request to let me use my yahoo emails ….
    I have sent an email to send me at least my database saved in their platform and they haven’t yet answer !!
    This is no way to treat a client who puts in your pocket thousands of usd !
    I will post this non-stop until they will understand that this is not a way to treat a client who is trying to resolve his needs calmly and you don’t care !

  57. I seriously just experienced one of the most unpleasant, worthless, waste of time live chat sessions in my life with a tech named Shan at iContact. If you use start a live chat session with iContact and Shan’s name pops up, save yourself time & frustration by just ending the session immediately. What a joke.

  58. I just had to quit iCONTACT due their horrible customer service and arbitrary management of my lists. They arbitrarily put almost 5,000 of my names into DO NOT CONTACT because some bounced – and even after the people whose names were put into this status tried to get back on my list, iContact Support would not allow it! Incredible! This was not a case of the contact putting themselvees on DOO NOT CONTACT – but iCONTACT “Support” did it! The when I TRY TO CANCEL THEY STILL INSIST ON BILLING ME FOR SERVICES THEY CANNOT DELIVER!


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