Saturday Speedlinkin II

For the second time in two weeks I present to you, Saturday Speedlinkin! I hope that your week has been good, mine was fraught with adversity at work but managed to maintain all the way up ’till my birthday yesterday which turned out to be good times.

I did come to a sad conclusion though…

I think a may go this entire year without eating some crabs. *sigh* Of course the summer isn’t over but crabs are expensive, I can eat them for hours and hours, and I think the little guy is eating into the crab fund.

But I digress. (#):)

Dell to Preinstall Firefox as Default by Aaron – If you’re like me, you love Firefox and you try and spread the good word where you can. Nothing sucks more than having to tell every relative you have about it, and having to point them exactly where to download it. Everything would be simplier if it was just installed by default.

Useful Firefox Extensions for Developers by Ram – Like the comment I left, if you’re a developer without these extensions, you’re just making life harder for yourself.

Search Engine Optimization for Yahoo by Court – If for no other reason than this article reminds you to not forget about Yahoo, bingo bango.

Three Alternative Ways to Increase Your RSS Readers by Rhys – Good marketing is often out of the box thinking. Maybe it’s time you started thinking outside the box to increase your readership.

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