Dark Effect Reloaded – Thoughts on My Theme

It’s been a day or two since my new theme has gone up and last night I finally took the time to work out some of the kinks with it. Well – They weren’t so much as kinks as they were customizations I needed to make. The big ones included:

  • fixing the order of things as they appeared in my sidebar
  • changing how many recent comments and entries appeared in the sidebar
  • adding my blog log to the sidebar
  • changing the header (I’m not a turtle kind of guy)
  • and implementing my tracking code for Analytics and FeedBurner

There are still some smaller things that I would like to implement including adding a dark red theme (amidst the other colors) and of course adding custom headers for the colored themes which you can apparently do too. All in all though, I’m pretty happy with how the new theme is working out. One of the big problems I had with my blog before was that everything seemed to run together. Posts, comments, all of it. Posts were hard to read, and on the comment side, there was no sort of division between the comments and who made them. If you take a look at the comments now, you can see that the ones that I make get a special block to them. Too cool!

As you can tell, I’m very happy with my new theme. It’s much more “lively” than my last one, and the way it organizes everything is pretty sweet and goes with my own tastes for color and layout. Hopefully I won’t end up changing my theme for quite sometime.

New WordPress Install – Painless

So as some of you know, I just started a new blog. It’s not quite ready yet because I still have to get all the plugins working, layout to where I want it to and get all the other small things up and running like my Google Sitemap, Technorati, pingbacks, and my Feeburner feed. Argh. A LOT to do!

Before all this though, I had to of course install WordPress on the new domain. I remember the first time I did it how much of a pain in the neck it was. I had to update my mySQL version, permissions, and a whole bunch of other crap. This time, it was PAINLESS. It took me 5 minutes (maybe 6) to upload all the wordpress files, another minute to setup the database, and another minute to go through install.php. And before I knew it, I was presented with a message saying, “[All done! Thought there would be more steps? Sorry to disappoint!]”. Couldn’t be happier! The hardest part of yesterday was definitely deciding on a theme, but I had done some preliminary research on that front too so that was easier than I thought it would be too!

New Site Theme

Something’s new on bushmackel.com! Even though the old theme was in my favorite colors, it just looked tired and flat. I couldn’t stand looking at it any longer. So a while ago I got onto themes.wordpress.net and spent some quality time there. I whittled the list down to my top 5 and today nailed my top pick, Dark Effect Reloaded by Lee Cooper!

I still need to customize it to my liking, (sidebars, header, and colors), but right off the bat I like it so much more than what I had up before. I hope you like it too! Oh, and please be patient as I update.

What System Would You Buy?

Everyone knows (or should know) that as far as “next gen systems” are concerned, I’m the proud owner of one of them – The Nintendo Wii. If you didn’t know that, you probably would’ve guessed as much because if I’m ever talking about video games on here, it’s usually about the Wii. But I digress.

If you had $600 to throw away, what system would you get?

  • The Wii -$250,
  • The Xbox 360 – $400
  • The PS3 – $600

And everyone knows what every system has so I won’t bother going into that, but what system would you buy and why? -Knowing now how everything has shaken out so far in this video game land. Personally, I would get a 360 because the catalog of games is strong, it’s online play is great, and it has decent support of home theater related topics (1080i, HD-DVD etc). Plus, I know that it’s easier to convince the wife to let me spend $250 on a system after I already bought a system than >= $400 too, (which is presently the case). But hey, that’s me.

What about you?

Nintendo's WiiWare Will Allow You to Make Games for the Wii

Engadget and GamaSutra are reporting that Nintendo will allow users to download WiiWare from the Shop Channel which will allow them to develop games for the Wii a la Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express. This is a pretty exciting thing, both for developers and consumers because obviously this unlocks the Wii to even more forms of content and likely – content that consumers would rarely (if ever) see otherwise. Continue reading “Nintendo's WiiWare Will Allow You to Make Games for the Wii”

Video Game Addiction

I thought I knew about video game addiction when trying to Gold Medal every last thing on the original Project Gotham Racing for XBox. (Which I ended up doing). But recently, the term “video game addiction” has made it into the news, this time the talk being whether or not it is a true addiction akin to alcoholism! The thought is, (I guess), if it’s registered as a real addiction, it can then be helped through insurance companies and the like. Is it just me – Or does this just sound like cRaZiNeSS!? Continue reading “Video Game Addiction”

Sellout With Me Oh Yeah

Like the title? Of course it’s inspired by Reel Big Fish’s huge hit, “Sell Out“. So last Friday I signed up at Pay Per Post and it has really given me a cause for a pause. I thought about it a lot before I signed up, and I’m still thinking about it now after I have. Here’s the problem: I take pride in my site and the content I serve up. Furthermore, I feel a certain responsibility to my readers and newfound friends on here, and I kind of feel that by using Pay Per Post for some quick bucks is a slap in their faces and will turn people off from coming here. Let me explain… Continue reading “Sellout With Me Oh Yeah”

My Big Interview

Coming from Brown Baron – I was tagged on this “Imaginary Blog Interview Meme“. And unless I’m wrong, I think that’s the first time me and/or this blog has been tagged w/ doing one of these things. So, Hip Hop Hooray! I should’ve gotten this up like Friday or so, but it’s just been a busy weekend, (I’ve been trying to finish a website for a client), so my deepest apologies. But without further ado, here’s what would happen were I ever interviewed… Continue reading “My Big Interview”

Banned From The Internet Update

Ok kids, as you all are now familiar with, I was basically banned from participating in the Blogosphere when Akismet decided that I, Bush Mackel was indeed SPAM. I reached out to you my friends, and you responded extremely well and supportively making sure that I’m didn’t remain in your site’s SPAMbox. Thank you.

Admidst all the support and posts I was getting from you guys, I decided to e-mail Akismet and try to confront this problem head on. I wrote the following e-mail…

“I have noticed that somehow, Aksimet has flagged me as SPAM. Because just about every blog uses Akismet, I really can’t comment anywhere…Including my own blog. What [can I] do to fix this os that people don’t have to remove my comments from their SPAM sections in Akismet?”

And in very short order, (like maybe 10 minutes later) I get this response…

“Sorry about that, it should be fixed now.” – Matt

And just like that, I’m back. It for some reason fascinates me that my problem (me being SPAM that is) could be fixed so quickly with a simple e-mail saying “I’m not SPAM”. But I guess in the end, that’s all it should take. So thanks everyone, and thank you Akismet for taking care of my problem very very SUPER fast! (I still think you’re going to launch a revolution against mankind using your robot army)

Superman Doomsday Animated Movie

I really just stumbled across this on IGN’s website. Apparently, later this year there’s going to be a Superman Doomsday animated movie coming out later this year. It could be kind of cool because usually they can be a bit more graphic on direct to dvd animated movies than in ones that appear on regular cable TV. I AM wondering how this is going to end though (besides the obvious). We all know that Superman died at the hands of Doomsday and came back later but putting that in an animated movie…I think it’s going to be weird and awkware after you get past the part where he dies. I mean, the fight is probably gonna be really cool. But then, Superman dies and everyone starts mourning. And what?-The movie ends? That seems like a rather open ended ending for an animated movie. And if history is any predictor, I doubt that another movie is going to come out about the Return of Superman and the like. I dunno. I’ll probably snatch this one up, but I don’t see how it could end in anything but awkward. Check out the official site here.