Spring Training

So maybe Spring isn’t quite here yet, but I think it’s time to get the ol’ body back in shape for the upcoming Sports season. I took the first step today by going to the gym. … I really think it was the first time in a month or two. It’s amazing I have the muscle tone in my legs to walk down the street, I know.

Ok – I know I’ve been slacking with the whole San Diego vacation recap. I swear it’s just hard trying to find a minute to make those posts and get the pictures up. If I don’t do it before this weekend, I’ll definitely put it on my to do list FOR this weekend.

Burning the Midnight Oil

I sure hope that sleep is overrated. If not, I think I’m gonna die in about a week.

A small recap of the past couple of days, got back to MD from San Diego and didn’t go to sleep until something like 1am est. Basically the day after that go to a friend’s LAN party and don’t make it to bed until 4ish. And here I am on a Sunday night still up at 12:30am. Argh! After being away from work for a week, it’s going to be TOUGH goings tomorrow.

Tonight I’m actually spending some quality time with Wordtracker though, time that I should’ve spent a long long time ago searching for viable keywords to target for my site. Oh well, I think I’ve learned my lesson as far as randomly picking kw’s and just hoping the whole thing works itself out. More to follow.

Greetings from Sunny CalifornIA

I have been having a great time relaxing in San Diego for my Valentine’s Day Vacation courtesy of the ol wifey! If you don’t know Maryland, (where I call home), is very very cold at the moment and has been for quite some time lately. In fact, my orignal flight over here was cancelled because of a wicked ice storm that passed through! But after finally getting here, I’ve definetely been enjoying myself and the San Diego sun. Things started off low key enough, but got kicked up a notch yesterday when we went to Mexico!That on it’s own might not have been too exciting, but apparantly it was the time of Carnival, so we got to see a parade passing through, lots of beer, and lots of drunks! As soon as I figure out things on here a bit better, I’ll be sure to get up some more pics, but for now, enjoy this one!

Attention Party People of The World

WordpressSo this is my first post on my first blog. I thought that before I started this thing, I should first figure out what I was going to write about. But then as I was trying to install WordPress on my site, I found out that I needed to update my version of mySQL. So long story short, I became so fixated on that, that I forgot to figure out what the purpose of my blog was going to be about!

Well, this is my blog so I guess it’s going to be about what I care about, which is basically anything and everything technology…Video games, computer builds, search engine optimization, and Anna Nicole Smith. (j/k) Maybe this blog will also serve as a journal, documenting my progress as an aspiring web entrepreneur looking for a way out of the rat race.

But who knows…

The Shadow Knows.